The Problem or Opportunity for Improvement (OFI)

It is known world over that nursing personnel plays a crucial role as far as general recovery of patients is concerned. To understand the complexity this Hospital faces in terms of nursing personnel crisis, it is important to underscore the vital roles the nurses’ play in this hospital and which have been divided into patient advocate and interdisciplinary personnel. These services are very vital for wholesome recovery of the patient and the hospital cannot at any instance afford to be without them. However, due to the fact that majority of the nursing personnel are gearing towards their retirement age, and with no positive prospects for new recruits, the future looks bleak for this hospital especially if urgent action is not taken to address this future deficit. If this looming crisis is not addressed promptly, then it means that the vital services provided by nurses in areas such as the intensive care units will be severely hampered with.

Measureable Goal

This action plan has set up goals that are practically and conceptually organized to offset this future nursing deficit. The major goal of the plan therefore is to ensure that the hospital at any instance has 80% of its nursing personnel below the age of fourty years.  

List of Possible Actions

To ensure that the goal identified above is achieved, a list of possible courses of action has been developed and they include:

-  Giving scholarships to bright students to study nursing with a condition that they have to come and be employed by the hospital on completion of the program.

-  Sourcing for funds to meet the scholarship requirements for bright students.

- Offering higher and competitive wages than other healthcare competitors in order to attract the limited nursing graduates to this hospital.

-  Creating early links with nursing students in various learning institutions in order to win their loyalty to work with the hospital.

-  Collaborating with other healthcare agencies in sharing human resources in the line of nursing.

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- Providing continuous education to the nurse in a bid to ensuring that they are up to date on current issues in the nursing acre.

Key Action Steps into a Management Action Plan

To ensure that the crisis of future nursing is erased completely, this action plan proposes sequence of actions that must be followed and adhered to to the latter. The first step is for the hospital to source for funds that will be used to offer scholarships to bright students who then will have to come and be employed in the hospital. Such funds will have to be factored in the hospital’s yearly budgetary allocations. Once the funds have been sourced, the next stage will be to make advertisements in both the daily newspapers and hospital’s website inviting qualified students to apply after which a thorough selection process will be done. Creation of links with universities in a bid to tap on their graduates will be factored in at the next stage and will mostly involve organizing of health workshops in these institutions. Creating collaborations with other health institutions will then follow and it will be a preserve of the hospital directors in a bid to allow sharing of resources in the field of nursing. 


In order to ensure effective and efficient delivery of outcomes, the following personnel will handle each stage without any duplication of duties.

- Sourcing of funds-  Hospital’s Board of Directors- January, 2013

- Scholarship advertising- Human Resource Manager- February, 2013

-  Scholarship award- Award Committee- March, 2013

-  Link creation- Head of Nursing Department- August, 2013

-  Creation of collaborations- Board of Directors- December, 2013

It is estimated that the project will go though to December during which a comprehensive assessment will be made on the progress of the foundation.

Measurement and Monitoring

To ensure that there are no regressions from the initial plan, periodic appraisals will be done which will be used to correct any fluctuations that may arise and interfere with the initial plan. At the same time, actual measurement will be done using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

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