The success of an organization depends on a number of factors with behavior being one of them. As a result, organizations which develop strategies to improve the behavior of the employee are more likely to succeed. However, there are several challenges that may hinder effective generation of long-term behavioral improvement. The cultural environment can restrict management from deciding on what strategy to use. At the same time, other factors such as political influence and leadership style can challenge long term behavioral improvement.

Difficulties may be encountered in deciding on appropriate motivation techniques. When incentive plans are used to promote behavioral change, it is more likely that performance will not improve considerably. According to Webster (2011), incentives may not sustain performance for a long time. This is often the case if other reinforcements are not in place given that performance rest on other variable that infuse satisfaction. Cultural change can be used to improve performance in a firm by changing values as well as perceptions of the employees. Cultures can be enhanced by instilling norms and traditions. For instance, team work can be enhanced by cultivating values such as cooperation and consultation's.

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Despite the limitation of incentives in promoting long term performance, its use can result to extend benefits such as innovations, competitive where a firm can attract employees to its workforce as compared to other firms. These benefits are can enhance the wellbeing of the organization. In an organization, incentives can improve behavior only for a sometime given that it is a stimulus that promotes positive behavioral change. Should such incentives be removed, there is a likelihood employees may stop exuding behavior aimed at improving performance. However, it may not be possible for employees to demand for reinstatement of incentives as a requirement of performance given that such motivators are not a must.

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