There are five basic functions of management. They include planning, controlling, organizing, directing, and staffing. Planning is the most basic function of management, which entails determining the most appropriate courses of action for achievement of predetermined organizational goals. It involves deciding what, when, and how to do. Organizing entails providing an organization with the resources required for its functioning. It entails determining and providing human and non-human resources to the organizational structure. On the other hand, directing function involves activating the organizational methods to function efficiently for realization of organizational goals. Managers activate organizational methods through supervising, guiding, motivating, and communicating to organizational members.

In staffing, managers are involved in maintaining the organizational structure through recruitment and selection, training and development, remuneration, performance appraisal, and promotions of employees. Lastly, controlling function involves measuring organizational actual performance against predetermined standards. The purpose of controlling is to ensure that the organization operates according to its standards. In addition, controlling function assists in identification of deviations, and application of corrective measures.

Safety incentive program is one of the incentive programs, where employees are recognized or rewarded for maintaining accident-free working environment for a specific time. One of the advantages of safety incentive program is that it helps employees stay focused on work safety. It also assists in reducing the number of workplace accidents in a given time. However, safety incentive program discourages teamwork in the workplace. This is especially when the incentive is offered in monetary terms. Employees tend to engage in a competition against each other for a prize. Moreover, safety inventive program creates inequality in the workplace. For instance, if employees are awarded 5 percent of their salary for maintaining accident-free environment, an employees earning $50,000 could be awarded more than an employee earning $20,000 per month.

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McClelland’s Need Achievement Theory is based on three essential motives. They are affiliation, power, and achievement. Affiliation motive entails seeking company or association with other people. This usually occurs after achievement of physiological and security needs (the first and second level of needs in the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs). Individuals seek affiliation as they try to fulfill their social needs (in the third level of needs). After an individual has fully achieved the social needs, including affiliation, the power motive comes in. This involves attainment of the ability to influence other people positively. This occurs at the fourth level of needs in the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Apparently, power is achieved when an individual achieves self-esteem. Finally, achievement is the highest motive that drives behavior in individuals. It involves the ability to accomplish tasks and activities in the best possible manner. Achievement motive can be compared to self-actualization need (the fifth level of needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

Some of the hazards observed in my workplace include lack of enough ventilation, slippery floors, lack of fire exits on every floor of the building, and non-functioning fire extinguishers and alarms. As a recommendation, the building should undergo renovation where slippery floors should be replaced with rough floors. For instance, tiles can be replaced with marble finishing or wooden floor. More ventilation spaces should be included. This can be done by drilling small opening on the walls, and installation of exit doors on every floor of the building. In addition, new and functioning fire extinguishers and alarms should be installed in every floor as well. They should be located on places where all employees can easily access. Below is a timetable for completion of the recommended controls.

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