The term principles of management refer to the statements of truth that are used as procedural guidelines during the process of making decisions in a company by the management team. They exemplify the underlying factors that are behind the success of any management endeavour. Management is an act of the managers. They employ the ideas or principles that have been universally agreed upon and have proved to yield good results in carrying out management of projects or any other business. There are various principles of management that have been embraced by various companies. They include the following:

Division of work: the central role of any manager is to make sure that the appropriate wok has been done at all times. This is one of the critical things that ensures that there is management in a given company or institution. The workers should be specialised according to the skills and expertise that they are in possession with. There should be a creation of specific personal and professional developments of the individual workers and the management team as a whole. This will lead to an increase in productivity of the company. There will be what we call specialisation which will translate to efficiency at the work place. There is accuracy and utility of small time when the workers are selected to work on specific parts of the duties. Moreover, this principle can be applied to both the managerial and the technical sections of work. Moreover, specialisation will lead to improvement of the careers of the workers.

Authority and responsibility: in any organisation, there are always the protocols that ascend from the ground workers to the management team and the stakeholders of the company. The lower level of work force should be able to take orders from the higher level work force. This also is accompanied by the responsibility among the workers. This system of operation should be of a daily routine in any organisation. The superior should have a right to issue orders to the subordinates, and the orders be responded to as expected. This will lead to a smooth running of the institution. Moreover, the principle explains that there should be parity between the authority and responsibility.

Discipline: this is another aspect that should be considered well in any organisation. It is demanded of workers that they should be discipline. This entails the need for workers and all the management of the company to have respect for one another and also for the company as a whole. This will lead to friendliness and among the workers. Moreover, discipline involves the idea of having respect among the rules and the regulations of the company. Obedience, proper conducts and is an essential thing that ensures a smooth functioning of the organisation (Morden, 2004).

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Unity of command: this is a principle that touches on the commitment of the subordinate and the management team. It explains that every subordinate should receive orders from one and only one superior and thus should be responsible for those orders. This is for the betterment of the activities that are supposed to be performed by the workers. It also helps to avoid the cases of conflicts and confusion among the workers. When a worker receives orders from more than one superior, there is a likelihood of confusion and conflicts.

Subordination of individual interest: personal interests are normally risky when mingled with the activities of the organisation. Starting from the managerial team to the subordinate, every individual interest should be handled outside the affairs of the organisation. If this occurs, there will be likelihood to interfere with the programs of the organisation, thus affecting its efficiency in maximising gains. The interests and the goals of the organisation should prevail above the affairs of the other individuals.

Esprit de Corps: enthusiasm is one of the main features that should be adopted by the managers and the workers of the company. It is the duty of the managerial team of any organisation to make sure that workers have been motivated and are happy to handle the activities of the company at all times. First and foremost, there should be mechanisms to build morel at the workplace. Workers will be able to work tirelessly when they have the spirit and enthusiasm to do so. Team spirit is a good concept that should be encouraged among the workers. There should be an atmosphere of mutual trust among the workers so that they will be able to understand one another well. These are some of the concepts that are used to initiate change and to make decisions in the company (Morden, 2004).

Esprit de Corps is the principle of management that best fits in a multinational corporation organisation or company. The main feature that should be elicited in any organisation is the ability of the workers to cooperate together and be able to work for the betterment of the entire corporation. Business is about making profit from any corner of the world. It is therefore very essential to have workers who would be able to associate easily with other workers from different parts of the world and be able to yield to the expectations of the organisation. For instance in a restaurant that is multinational as the intercontinental hotel, the workers have to be enthusiastic always and inspired to serve the customers accordingly. This is one of the strategies that have also been used in business marketing.

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