In comparison of the leadership models in response to disaster management, bureaucratic management model involves leaders specialized in specific work groups hence has high chances of delivering to the expectation of the organization. However, being hierarchical, this kind of leadership enables individuals to perform to their best with the results and organizational objectives entirely dependent on the leader. The employees are obliged to have close link with the leader hence so as to understand the necessary requirements in order to deliver to the expectations. Under exemplary performance, there are chances of promotion and, therefore, it is necessary for the leader to involve adept decision making processes of which most leaders comply with, thus delivering high quality results. In bureaucratic leadership, employees are able to realize the efforts of their leaders hence conforms to the system in place to not only please the boss but to ascertain the organizational objectives.  

Bureaucratic system is not appropriate incase of emergency for instance, Hurricane disaster, where adequate assistance was necessary (Berke, and Campanella, 2006, p. 21). However, this is due to the intrigues in the management protocol involved in the long chain of organizational practices. Most of the victims would suffer while the organization is struggling to find a solution to the available issues which is a disadvantage. Not only in case of accidents, even while dealing with  customers in a marketing scenario, urgent  business contracts would not be pursued  due to the  long procurement procedures derailing the efforts of the organization to take advantage of the prevailing business conditions.

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In case of a disaster, it is imaginable that the concerned organizations should respond with the urgency required especially in the case of Hurricane Katrina where there are urgent needs of evacuation. This should be done through both ground and airlifting due to the hardles in worse hit areas with no options of road transport. With the need of a lot of cash to assist affected live. However, this is only possible in Network model which is less prone to human errors as the model exhibits  more reliable due to interoperability of information hence ability to consider the prevailing situations and apply relevant in disaster management.

The multi domain systems are very relevant to the real time disaster management for instance; the   disaster management and the associated improvement in handling information/knowledge tasks associated with complex, multi-domain operations. By providing a real time, unfettered flow of factual information and knowledge among all disaster management participants, The ability of the provided model to deliver to the situation available will depend on the available working platform for effectively developing priorities in accordance with the mission of the management framework (Robert, and Wamsley, 2007, p. 74). Through experience, most of the management approaches involved in such emergencies had proved unproductive; hence network model is adept in the management which effectively eliminates such problems.  

Despite the difficulties involved in making a final decision on emergency hand\ling process, the centralized management system allows the global community to responds quickly for instance in fund collection. This is in most cases influenced with the ability to amalgamate the available resources in the global scope hence network model is the best option incases of Hurricane Katrina tragedy.

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