“The relationship between strategic compensation practices and affective organizational commitment” article by Amin et al focuses on the contemporary management retention strategies with regards to current compensation practices and commitment exhibited by an organization. In essence, the article seeks to establish the extent to which employee psychological factors are addressed by their managers in a bid to improve the level of satisfaction with their work.

To provide meaningful variables for the topic, the article provides results of a quantitative study that was conducted among staff members working for an educational institution in Iran. In the quantitative study 301 academic staff members are sampled and subjected to answer questionnaires focusing on the issues addressed in the topic. The questionnaire tool seeks to establish the factors that influence employees to develop a notion of serving longer contracts with their current employers. The results of the study reveal that indeed employees are influenced by the employer’s provision of reliable compensation strategies. This implies that employees expect their employers to provide meaningful and thoughtful plans to increase retention.

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Moreover, the article explores a study area and cultural factors as possible limitations that influenced the efficacy of study results.  Among the most important factors pointed out by the author include the impact of an individual’s organizational commitment, provision of training sessions, and strategic alignment with the organizational goals. Overall, the article concludes that  individual is encouraged to develop a psychological contract with organization he works for as long as the organization provides him with a positive model of improving emotional bonding among employees and the organization. In addition, it is important to note that retention strategies may not be effective depending on certain situational factors caused by the setting of an organization. Finally, the most suitable retention strategies must impact positively on the employee’s psychology and work process. 

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