Customer’s expectation entails an entity’s perception regarding the services offered by a particular business enterprise. The quality of services constitutes one of the metrics of customer’s expectation (Christopher 12). Effective service delivery alleviates various negative aspects concerning a product. Another metric of customer’s expectation is money. This concerns the costs that the customer incurs to obtain services. When a business enterprise applies escalating prices for its services, it considerably inconveniences customers. Customer’s expectation constitutes of another metric known as Issue factor. This refers to the issue resolution mechanism or methods formulated to solve problems. When a business enterprise responds to customers’ issues, it creates a perception among customers that the business regards them with importance. On the other hand, ignoring issues raised by customers is detrimental to the growth of a business. Another metric is accommodation and cooperation. This entails the level of flexibility for a business enterprise concerning conforming to changes in customers’ preferences and demands. The last metric is the On-time delivery. On-time delivery concerns the timely delivery  of goods and services to the customers. Customers expect the delivery of goods and services while their demand is still significant (Bowersox 30).

Two categories fit the principal “stove pipes”. The first category is the changes in customer-service needs, which is the most influential aspect in logistic management. This is because the performance of a business enterprise largely depends on its response towards changing needs of customers. The second category is the development in interpretation technology. As an organization, it is crucial to maintain an updated business outlook in order to conform to changes in technology, which affect customers’ behaviors (Bowersox 44).

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The greatest personal trait of an individual, who studies supply chain logistics, is the ability to seek responsibility and accountability. This trait enables one to inspire confidence and gain favor among team members. A career in supply chain logistics enables one to apply supply-chain-management skills to spur an organization’s growth. This knowledge is a cross-functional approach concerning the management of the movement of raw materials in an organization, internal processing of raw materials into finished goods, and the supply of finished goods from an organization’s premises to end users. In general, a career in supply logistics equips an individual with experience concerning the handling of changing behaviors and preferences among customers (Christopher 34).

Global sourcing refers to the process of sourcing of goods and services in the international aspect. This approach enables worldwide production and marketing. It increases consumers’ access to a variety of foreign products. The major drawback associated with global sourcing concerns the need for huge initial capital. Thus, it does not favor small-scale businesses. Near sourcing refers to a sourcing strategy that seeks to shorten the distance relating to the supply of goods and services. This approach helps to minimize costs concerning transportation and production of goods. However, near sourcing limits various advantages relating to the variety of goods and services whose supply is global. Domestic sourcing refers to a sourcing strategy in which one company offers service to another company within the country of location of the first company. The cost of goods and services within a country are minimal compared to import goods and services. The major drawback concerning domestic sourcing is the restriction of a company within the scope of domestic supply (Christopher 6).

Computer aided services have considerably improved the exportation of goods and services. Effective computer software facilitates easier online trade. With effective software, a company can order goods and services from another company within or without the country of location excluding the need to travel. This can greatly reduce production costs and lower the price of a product for the end user. The use of computer software has made it easy for exporters to advertise their goods and services through online means such as websites (Bowersox 20).

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