The provision of quality and affordable health care programs has been the dream and ambitions for most players in the industry. It is worth noting that achieving that noble objective will take more than just the work of medical professionals. Such undertakings require participation of various stakeholders whose contributions are important in one way or the other to complement the work by medical service providers.

Taking the lead role as a private community-based hospital, we appreciate that there must be an integrated approach towards better health care provision for the people. It is therefore in this spirit that we invite the participation of other agencies to lend their support in delivering better services to the community. The wise once said that many hands made the work light (Baker & Porter, 2010).

The participation of representatives from the government ministries of public health and sanitation and ministry of medical services is vital. The forum recognizes their importance in facilitation of the government policy and regulations in the industry, hence active involvement will provide guidance to adhere to state regulations. At the same time, community health resource groups are required by law to be registered or certified under these ministries (Butterfoss, 2007).

 Representatives from medical practitioners’ board, dentist association, doctors without borders and such caliber of professionals are highly regarded to join. This is important in the event that the hospital arranges for free medical camps to the community, doctors of all specializations will be encouraged to volunteer in offering their services. We underscore the fact that many people in this community are unable to meet the high cost of medical services; hence free camps are necessary at times as corporate social responsibility programs (Baker & Porter, 2010).

Philanthropist and international funding agencies will become necessary partners in order to help the hospital in acquisition of new technology and equipment for advanced research and therapy. The forum also needs liaison partners for collaboration with World Health Organization and locally based community health professionals for effective monitoring of health situation in the area.

Business community and local political leadership will be represented. Communal programs succeed if there is an uninhibited political will. Business people would play significant roles in helping the organization fundraising and sponsorships for communal healthcare events as well as acquisition of medical items like drugs (Butterfoss, 2007).

We must acknowledge that health care is a mutual responsibility. The medical professionals are on one side, while others are on another, to support them. An all-inclusive organization will realize better results for the community health provision.

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