American Nurses Association has designed several approaches to review some medical mysteries. These mysteries are unraveled and solutions to them are found through intensive research by using available evidence. This has been possible through promotion of research about already known factors to draw conclusions from existing hypotheses. This function provokes action to research problems, causes of which are known but no solution has been found yet. The problems are clinical and their solutions are clinical. They are based on past experiences described in previous studies. Research and conclusions drawn from it help to form accurate judgment and reach outright solutions.

Scurvy is one of medical mysteries that have led to increased research aimed to determine the extent of truthfulness of existing information as well as the cause and consequences. This illness was first discovered when 100 out of 160 men in Vasco Da Gamma’s company died of the disease. The assumption was that it was caused by lack of a certain vitamin, which no one could identify. The trials conducted and research done made it possible to draw some conclusions, which at this point need more proof.

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Carrying out such researches requires that one understands the basics of the research topic and studies relevant material underlying the topic. This will help the individual to formulate a hypothesis on which his argument on the necessity to carry out additional conclusive research will be based. Conclusions made help the nursing organization to come up with concrete and effective operational measures to bring to an end the suffering of people. The researcher who carried out a study on scurvy discovered that it was caused by lack of vitamin C. He suggested that by giving patents several tea spoons of lemon juice a day would reduce their rate of mortality. These kinds of discoveries help to bring to an end the suffering of people.

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