Aspirus Wausau Hospital is a community-managed healthcare system driven with compassion for people and passion to excel in all their services. It works collaboratively with partners who share their mission. To ensure this, the hospital has a quality assessment and performance improvement department. The purpose of this department is to deliver a consistent, safe, high quality and patient precise care by all programs and disciplines. The performance improvement and quality assessment department also look into compliance issues with procedures and agency policy, accreditation and professional principles, and local state and federal regulations and laws.

ACCHS Quality Assessment Performance Improvement

This was done by the ACCHS staff, to ensure a systematic, planned, and department wide program intended to pursue and recognize opportunities that are facts driven to enhance service delivery and patient care.


The AES leadership is responsible for allocation of adequate resources to various departments, appointing the performance improvement administrator and implementing after establishing, systematic and data driven processes. The leadership also establishes and documents main concerns for improving and measuring the agency's performance, a part from that, it delegates authority and sign up quality personnel to the Quality Practice Council (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2007). In addition, the leadership assigns capital, technical expertise, and time, plan collaborative and interdisciplinary performance enhancement activities, and finally, analyzes the usefulness of their contributions to improving the agency's performance.

The program involves the use of purpose-oriented measures to show improved performance. These measures include clinical practice principles and professional requirement applicable to hospice, families and patients' perceptions of care, safety, and effectiveness of services (CRNA, 2010). It also identifies changes leading to improve performance, maintains an effective infection control, and carries out events reporting.

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The quality practice council plans annual activities for performance improvement and quality assessment. Their duties involve staff education, monitoring staff compliances to these regulations, and evaluating the appropriateness and effectiveness of this program in regard to patient satisfaction and awareness of care issues. This council also develops and implements a methodology for performance improvement and quality assessment practices.

Staff play a role in the implementation of this program through educational sessions, documentation and delivery of care in accordance to the provisions, and accept responsibility of the program implementation. ACCHS has a responsibility to ensure confidentiality of performance improvement and quality assessment practices within the hospital.

Quality of care in Aspirus Wausau Hospital

Quality and safety of care is core to the mission of this health service unit. Nurses have safety and quality experiences and are innovative, posses' good leadership skills and relevant education. The hospital cherishes patient safety and communication; to implement this there is a quality and performance assessment policy (Boulevard, 2009-2010).

The policy has well established system that ensures that quality of service is not compromised. It provides clear conduct requirement for experts and considers patient views appropriately. Responsibility structure is well organized to cater for accountability. However, the policy does not give collaborative procedures with the community or partners who share their mission. Financial management is not discussed in the policy. In addition, the policy does not state the relationship requirement and conduct of the staff towards one another for a proper work relationship. Quality improvement procedures are not taken care of well in this policy. Improvement to make it all-inclusive is a consideration that must be undertaken.


The policy has quality assessment and performance improvement that enables the hospital to meet its vision and mission. It has order of the protocol that enables accountability requirement and makes assessment processes more effective. The leadership implements these procedures and policy very well and makes the relationship of the patient and workers good. The policy is the backbone to a healthy existence of the hospital and future prospects considerations.

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