Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly referred to as ObamaCare is one of principal legislations that the government of President Barrack Obama has enacted. ObamaCare has helped to revolutionize the health care insurance industry – both public and private. ObamaCare has increased Americans' access to healthcare insurance. This has tremendously helped to improve the health care of people who would otherwise not have health insurance. In so doing, ObamaCare has helped to improve the health of Americans. Thus, it is wise to say that ObamaCare is one of the greatest acts that government of president Obama enacted.

ObamaCare prohibits healthcare insurance providers from dropping people from insurance coverage when they get sick. According to ObamaCare, insurance providers should not drop people from insurance coverage when they get sick unless they have very strong reasons. Such reasons may include misrepresentation of an existing health condition. The act forces organizations to investigate the health conditions of individuals before agreeing to over insurance covering up the individuals (Pipes, 107). This helps in reducing the financial burden that people may incur, insurance firms should drop them from coverage, when they fall sick.

In addition, ObamaCare enables individuals who would otherwise not get health insurance have access to health insurance. ObamaCare enables people who are uninsured, due to pre-existing health condition, access insurance through a temporary high-risk pool (Pipes, 122). This helps Americans access health insurance and, therefore, save huge sums of money that they would have used to cater hospital bills.

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ObamaCare also enables individuals to receive free preventive health services after every six months at no additional cost. The preventive health services include cancer and heart diseases screening. This helps in identification of potential risks to the health of individuals. Thus, ObamaCare has helped in improving health of Americans (Mooney et al., 59). When doctors detect diseases in their early stages, they are easy to treat and are not as expensive to treat, as they would be if they were in an advanced stage. This helps households save enormous sums of money that they would have spent on paying hospital bills, if the patient discovered the ailment at an advanced stage.

In addition, ObamaCare has several provisions that profoundly benefit women. Women do not have to pay more to access contraceptives. Prior to the enactment of the ObamaCare, some health insurance schemes used to charge women more since they would require more medical attention than men would. ObamaCare eliminates the additional costs that health insurance companies used to charge women. Therefore, women pay a sum of money that is equivalent to what men pay to access health insurance (Limbaugh, 213). Therefore, ObamaCare has led to the elimination of discrimination against women by insurance companies. After all, nobody chooses the sex to prefer. Therefore, it is unethical to charge women more, because they are women.

ObamaCare also enables seniors to save enormous sums of money on Medicare. It enables senior to access prescription drugs at lower prices. Older adults spend considerable sums of money on prescription drugs (Pipes, 76). Therefore, reducing the money that they would have to pay to access the prescription drugs remove an enormous financial burden from the elderly.

However, despite the benefits mentioned above, ObamaCare has some disadvantages. However, the advantages of the act far outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, people who oppose the act should first evaluate the benefits instead of blindly rejecting the act. The act has helped in improving the healthcare of millions of Americans and reducing the amount of money they pay to access various healthcare services. Therefore, it is justified to say that ObamaCare is the single most important piece of legislation that the Obama administration has enacted.

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