The main purpose of this essay is to have a deeper analysis of the methods that were used by the Americans in the American Revolution as they revolted against the colonial rule.

American Revolution is the fight that the American people led in order for them to gain independence from the hands of their colonial masters. The Americans were at the hands of British and they have to liberate themselves from the harsh and cruel treatment they received from their colonial masters.

The revolution war broke out in 1775 and the war lasted until 1778. At the time of the war outbreak in 1775 a popularly known major commonly referred to as General Gage, who was a chief of the police, was the man in charge of 11 foot battalions located in Boston and another one in New York. There were 7000 men under his command. Gage was aware that the war was coming soon. This war consequently led to the displacement of magistrates, who were loyal to the British government.

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The war broke out after Gage made an attempt to seize some armaments that were held by the Congress and this resulted in an exchange of fire. The American managed to win the war due to the foreign aid that they received from various countries. The Americans, who were engaged in the revolutionary war, got aid from France and Spain and this foreign aid played a major role in their victory.

The Americans managed to win the war due to their able commander, who was leading the fight. The leader of the revolution was George Washington. His ability to serve an example as well his presence that acted as a symbol of unity to the fighters helped the American revolutionists to win the war. The geography of the various parts of America where the fight took place was to the advantage of the Americans. They had a better understanding of the terrain than the British fighters and this helped them to fight the war to victory. In conclusion, the Americans managed to win the fight due to the able leadership of George Washington, foreign aid assistance, geographical advantage and, finally, the colonial attitude as well as their spirit.

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