This write-up will try to look at the US progressive presidents in the early 1990s, major issues of each president, and their ability to cope with challenges. President Roosevelt took over the presidency in 1901 and immediately addressed problems relating to the effects of the bigger corporations on laborers and the issue of whether the government should put them under direct control. He granted the workers their plight, which brought to an end the coal strike in Pennsylvania. He also dealt with corruption witnessed among big corporations when in 1903 he created the Department of Commerce and Labor. Roosevelt also dealt with the issue of consumer protection, through championing the passages Acts like the Meat Inspections Act. However, Roosevelt’s major contribution was that on environmental conservation through reclamation of most of the country’s desert lands.

From the onset of his presidency in 1908, Taft had to face the Payne-Aldrich Tariff of 1909, which he overcame by winning the support of the majority of the congressmen to pass a new bill addressing the issue into law. However, it is Taft’s strict policy on environmental conservation, which finally finished him. He fired Pinchot who had been involved in the Ballinger-Pinchot dispute contradicting Taft’s environmental policies. However, Taft’s action to fire him led to the split of the party between those who were supporting him and Roosevelt’s supporters. He failed to reunite the party, which led to an easy win by Wilson.

When Wilson got into the office, he first influenced the Congress to design the Underwood Tariff Bill, which significantly reduced import fee. He then restored the country’s financial structure taking such actions as decentralizing the banks. His Federal Reserve Act enabled America to remain economically stable even after the World War I. Wilson also influenced the Congress to pass the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914 that granted the government to keep under close inspection companies engaged in interstate commerce.


It is evident that every president had issues, to deal with which affected their own influence, and leaders, and the country as a whole. 

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