1. Some people say in such cases about humanity. But what is humanity? Choosing the less evil from the two, considering the interests and state of the people? What is the lesser evil here? From the one point of view, human is considered to be alive, when the heart is beating and the brain is functioning, but what is the reason of such existence, yes, existence, because it is hard to call such state – life. Life it is state of full values of living person, it includes functioning of all organs and psychological health. Lack of one component or dysfunction of one of the system will lead to the fall of human life. It would be better to stop suffering than intentionally continue it. But who would have it on his conscience? Who will kill the people doomed to be in the plant-state? And who has the power to decide: who will live, and who will die, doctors? Show me one doctor that is somehow produced the life, and then you can give him rules to decide. But now it is no matter of discussion of doctors and people like that. I object such decision, what would they say if such situation caused with their children? But gnashing the teeth we can decide in such way, because considering the results of examinations there is no need to continue suffering… I don’t mean now Terri Schiavo herself. I keep in mind her parents and husband. It is the lesser evil, I think.

2. There are many ways to determine whether it is people in PVS or not. Namely, scientists can define it by the length of the term of coma state. If it is longer than 6 month doctors have all rules to consider patient to be in the PVS. So it depends on the term of staying in such state. But there are many cases when the patients being in the deep lethargic sleep come to conscious state and live usual life. So, basically it is depends on some things, but no one can say it for sure. Dealing with the Schiavo’s case all reasons for disabling the systems of artificial maintenance of life was an open book.

3. I think that the government actually concern themselves with matters that are not their business. How the situation of Terri Schiavo has to do with the government? The first directive of the government and the law by the constitution is maintaining the liberty and safe of citizen’s life, but there is no threat of life of the citizen of America. We deal with the problem that refers to the very difficult choice of two evils; it has nothing to do with the government issues. It would better maintain the order through the country and resolve vital tasks which are should to be resolved. I think that our country is full of it. But what is the reason of their intervening in it? To show that the president or governor so kind to concede and help her? Terri Schiavo’s close people will manage it without any outside help!

4. a) I think that the student is over-reacting on it. Actually it is sad. But there is no war. It was debates between two close people it is their business and their tragedy. But now we speak about the fate of the Terri.

b) I think false hope is to sit near the closed coffin and wait for the miracle. It is really the “False hope” but many of gifted and heroic for their country people were buried alive. Is it human behaviour? Scarcely! I propose to use the example of disabled scientist Stephen Hawking is he should to be killed as well as the Terri due to the “false humanity” of the husband and his advocates? Let’s kill all people which have a “false hope”? But, again, who will define who is to be killed and who is not. I think these are not a human jurisdiction.

c) Here I can only totally agree with the idea of the student. It is really not the matter of government discussing. There are many problems which also should to be solved. 

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