America is a place of many cultures and is characterized with a lot of diversity. Integration in the American society for immigrants and the people wishing to be citizens in America have faced a lot of challenges in pursuit of the esteemed “American dream”. Well, not all people think that this is a requirement. It is mainly due to the reason that America has existed without English being declared as a national language. All the same, English has been commonly used in many parts of the United States. These differences in perception about this subject justify a study that seeks to establish the need of learning English for people wishing to live in America as citizens. It is a subject that has drawn a lot of debate and that prompts the need for study. Thus, this research proposal seeks to explore the subject of learning English language and adopting American lifestyles for all those wishing to obtain citizenship in America so as to fit in the American culture.

Today, the United States is increasingly becoming a diverse country based on culture. Even though the society considers this as a mere life fact, there are some negative factors that are attributed to these differences. One of the main problems is the barrier in communication between the various speakers found in America. People may want to establish the reason why many natives from various countries across the world are immigrating to the United States. It is obviously that these immigrants into American want to live the ever esteemed “American dream”. This aspiration to create a successful and blissful life full of various opportunities is being hampered by the absence of one common language amongst the people. This is the reason why there has been a debate on the need of acquiring one common language to facilitate proper integration in the American society. English has emerged out as the most common language of all the different languages spoken in America.

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America is one country that has existed without a declared national language. While there is a need to adopt a common language and most preferably English, some people do not think that it will add any value to the American society. All these years, America has existed without a common language yet it has excelled. On the other hand, some scholars believe that everybody wishing to travel to America needs to learn to speak English effectively and adopt lifestyles found in America to facilitate their comfort within the American culture. English is the commonly used language in the United States and therefore, it will be prudent for immigrants to acquaint themselves with the language. This research proposal therefore explores on the subject of the need of all those wishing to obtain citizenship in America to learn speaking English well and adopt American lifestyles so as to fit in the American culture. This is an area that has drawn a lot of debate and thus justifies the need for research to establish this phenomenon. 

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