Cultural Diversity Essay Introduction

The diversity of the Canadians people is far-reaching. The diversity extends beyond ethnicity or race, culture, religion and historical roots. Equally diverse is the geography of Canada. There are three oceans, prairies, the Arctic, mountains, remote and rural landscapes. There are diverse religious beliefs and affiliations, the economic status is also diverse as well as sexual orientations. The kind of diversity available in Canada makes various people from different original setting to feel part of Canada and identify with the country. With this kind of orientation, it is very convenient and very possible for Canadians to take the center stage of solving international issues. Canada’s diversity allows it to easily influence the world at large (Rea Para. 4).

Cultural Diversity Essay Body Paragraphs

Canada has got two official languages: French and English. This linguistic duality complemented with cultural diversity is a big asset and main driver of the productivity of the country. The linguistic duality of the citizens makes it possible for the citizens of the country to get in touch with various parts of the world thus bringing on board various skills from different parts of the world. Due to the ability to make establishments to the outside world, the citizens and the incoming immigrants are able to bring in new attitudes which may include respect, tolerance, synergy, and concern for accommodation. All these factors are known to positively contribute towards the economic growth and development of Canada (Canada Para. 10).

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The language industry has set Canada apart as the leading in the language industry. Canada leads in the fields of human translation, production of language technology & services, and language training. The skills of the Canadians particularly in the field of teaching languages have been of great significance to the country. The republics of the former Soviet Union are known to use the Canadians teachers in various fields especially in education (Canada Para. 14).

Cultural Diversity Essay Conclusion

The diversity of Canada has played a major role in the nation of Canada as well as on the international platform. The SFU website records that the Aboriginal people of Canada assert their independence and rights at the international forums. Quebec has a seat reserved for it at UNESCO as well as other international bodies. It should be noted that almost 10 percent of Canadians live overseas. The policies which have been adopted by Canada with regard to diversity have had a great impact at the international level.

For instance, there are a number of policies that have been influenced directly at the international level due to the Canadian policy influence. These include the promotion of democracy abroad, advising on the issues of human rights, sharing of expertise in federalism in the former Soviet bloc countries and developing countries. Canada is also renowned in the field of peacebuilding and consultations with Diaspora groups on issues of post-conflict reconstruction and security (SFU Para. 5).

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