One of the most serious issues affecting lives of millions of people in the world today is domestic violence. This may be physical, sexual or psychological. The main victims of this evil are women and children who often face considerable danger in the places where they ought to be safe. The perpetrators of the violent acts are partners or an immediate family member who on the contrary should be defending the victims. Considering a combination of social, economic, and cultural factors, a woman’s exposed to violence is significant. Lack of economic empowerment and traditions denying women legal and social status cause them be powerless hence the submission. For the independent woman, the male partner especially if unemployed, results to violence to prove that he is in control as he feels his authority undermined. The legal system also has been reluctant with the issue of domestic violence and thus the perpetrators often get away with their acts.

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 Living in constant fear of further repercussions, there is abuse of the victim’s freedom of expression and decision making. Victims suffer both physical and psychological torture. They cannot enjoy their human rights due to the ever present threats. Men have not been spared too. They suffer abused by their partners though cases of this kind are few. One wonders why an individual would become violent and cruel to those closest to him or her. Low self-esteem, excessive alcohol consumption, and other substance abuse are the key factors that provoke aggressive and violent male behavior towards women and children. Abuser’s desire to be in control of their subject, cause them to ac violently. A single criticism may attract brutal violence from the culprit. Children, who have witnessed domestic violence or are the victim’s, exhibit health and behavioral problems and may experience  difficulties socializing and making friends.

With women and children being part of the population, their contribution in social and economic growth is necessary for a county to reach its full potential. Their failure to contribute to national growth due to abuse is a loss to a country Irrespective of the perpetrator domestic violence constitutes human rights violation. It is the state’s duty to ensure no impunity for the perpetrators of this violence. Perpetrators of domestic violence are nothing but evil individuals wrecking other lives.

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