In the story public Appearance both the Governor and his wife seem to be very concerned with their appearance in public, in the initial development of the story the Governor is preoccupied his own outlook, he looks at himself in the mirror to see whether it is perfect for the public, the idea of appearing shaggy to the public seems to disturb the mind of the Governor, while his wife thought the he was looking well, he still dissatisfied and goes a head to ask his wife "How do i look, do you think?" the Governor is therefore a character who is less satisfied with is appearance and is therefore used in the story to help in developing the theme of self perfection has the governor and his wife tries to look presentable to the public (Dodd,  2005).

The Governors wife is portrayed as an forgetful character, she appears to fail to remember precisely the reason for their meeting with the public or something to do  with the days occasion, she only thought that it could be the Governor's campaign kickoff, she even hard a problem with keeping them strait. The Governor's wife also appear to so sensitive to her husbands physical out look and seem to perceive that her husband and her are from different tribes. This character in itself bring out the development of one the important theme in the story, the theme of the image versus the tribe, since the Governor's wife felt horrible when she looked at the imprecise gray and black image of her self in the morning paper that were different to those of her husband (Dodd,  2005).

Extravagancy is another character that is seen in the Governor's wife, she turns her attention  to her dress still worried, although she was wearing the best dress she hard she still suspected it wasn’t good enough for her, the dress is said to be made of real silk, the color of winter wheat and was finer than any other dress she have ever worn the dress is estimated to have costed her a fortune since she bought it at price of more than a hundred dollars and even bought it in New York that her husband  and his constituents would not learn the details of her extravagancy, this shows the extent of her extravagancy and secretiveness since after being dissatisfied with her dress, she turned and went into the bathroom, shutting the door without a sound (Dodd,  2005).

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     The Governor's is also superstitious character, she mourned her dress for a full year, keeping it in a scented garment bag in her closet and carried the small charred perforation like an evil eye. a fortnight ago , she hard taken the ruined dress to a seamstress who was said to be a wizard, the old Hungarian woman, Magda Bogner, had consoled the Governor's wife with her shiny pins and deft hands, her throaty voice and thick accent suggest the unassailable authority of a fortune teller to the governor's wife who rather believed in magic, the theme of superstition is therefore brought out in this story the behavior of the Governor's wife and the old Hungarian woman, the Hungarian woman is also a suspicious character, after the Hungarian woman had done her magic to patch a tone skirt, she was sure there were rhapsodies and gypsy spells in the clever aged fingers, she then impulsively touched them with her own, and the seamstress smiled at her as if to confirm a suspicion (Dodd,  2005).

There is also an element of dishonesty in the character of the Governor's wife, she plans how she would one day invite the needlewoman to the Executive mansion for tea sometimes when the Governor is out, on the other side she is seen a hopeful character, when she  reentered the room and found his husband looking over the notes for his speech, she smiled at him hopefully, the Governor's wife therefore helps in developing the theme of hope in the story. Both the Governor and his wife hurriedly goes downstairs in half an hour later than thy were expected, they seem not to be time conscious since they more preoccupied with their public outlook and appearance rather than considering time of meeting their audience (Dodd,  2005).

The Governor's wife is also very naive and lack exposure on using machines like elevators and institutional kitchen, in this case she hard to accept something, one of them was never knowing, she come to learn some of this things when she followed her husband (Dodd,  2005). over threshold of sudden explosion of light and sound, she is also a tolerant character in that he hard learned tolerance for embraces and personal questions from total strangers, she had also learned and experienced not wear rings on her right hand and to carry small purses with shoulder straps when she was on the receiving lines, this also helps in developing the theme of tolerance in the story. The Governor's wife is as well shown as tricky character; she had a whole bag of tricks for remembering names and faces.

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