Even after racial segregation was shunned in the United States several decades ago, it is still in existence. This is a case which is taking its course in the schools located in the major towns of the United States of America. Segregation which many people would think is a thing of the past is still rampant in the American society. Although people may not speak about it openly, the statistics in schools proves its existence. There is empirical evidence in many institutions of learning that racial segregation still exists in America. Well, those that live far from the major towns may not have any knowledge about this but it is there. Thus, this article discusses the challenge of racial segregation that has lasted all through the historical America to the modern American society.

During the 2002/2003 academic year in Chicago, the blacks and the Hispanics formed 87% of the enrollment in public schools. The white children accounted for a mere 10% of the total enrollment in public schools. Washington D.C exhibited similar characteristics where a 94% majority comprised the blacks and Hispanics. The whites were only 5% of the total enrollment. Generally, there have been alarming statistics of racial segregation in the country.  One teacher in South Bronx gave a disturbing answer concerning the number of white kids she taught during her career. The teacher said, “I've been at this school for eighteen years,"…"This is the first white student I have ever taught."

Well, the issue may appear funny but that is how matters are on the ground. It is very much disheartening and more especially in the memory of people who lived in the times of Martin Luther King Jr. and Thurgood Marshall. The blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and students of the Asian origin formed 95% in a Thurgood Marshall school in 2002. Thus, cases of segregated schools on racial grounds are very much present in the modern America. Segregation in general has gotten to another level. The whites apparently have shunned such institutions which are affiliated to the Africa-American origin among other races. One striking example is a Martin Luther King Jr. high school strategically located in an upper-middle class neighborhood of the whites in New York City. Despite its location, the high school has ended up being a destination for the Hispanics and the blacks.

Apparently, segregation has affected all age groups in America. Children have not been left. The relatively well off families have been given the privilege over low income earners to take their young ones through an extensive course of elementary learning. It’s a cold form of racial segregation that is realized in the modern American as highlighted by the author. Racial segregation would be thought to be a thing of the past but research in this article proves otherwise. Even the people who seem to be concerned about the welfare of the children affected by the segregation are doing little about it. The author says, “Some people who ask these questions, although they live in wealthy districts where the schools are funded at high levels, don't even send their children to these public schools but choose instead to send them to expensive private day schools.”

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Although racial segregation was overturned in Brown v. School Board of Education in public schools, the problem still exists. The federal court those days took almost a decade before desegregation was done in all the government schools. This article explains the plight in the American society occasioned by hostility and fear between the races. Despite the efforts put in promoting social integration, these forces have remained to be a potent force in the lives of Americans. There were many districts which have been reluctant in taking the measures that were established to correct the issue of racial imbalance. The deliberate delay of the federal orders meant to bring about integration is still being felt today.

This article provides empirical evidence that proves the existence of racial segregation. There is social pressure and many schools have failed to integrate silently. The majority of the white society is still opposed to an integrated system of learning as was the case in the past. They have entirely refused to let their children to mingle with the colored children.  Despite the struggle to ensure integration in schools, equality has never been achieved. The efforts put in place to promote integration in schools led to what can be termed as racial prejudice. Apparently, many people may not realize the issue of segregation in the modern school system. This is more especially to those who live outside the major cities and towns in America. It is true that many states are still faced with the challenges of integration. The author says, “Numbers that originate in governmental agencies in many states are incomplete and imprecise and do not always differentiate with clarity between authentic pre-K programs that have educative and developmental substance and those less expensive child-care arrangements that do not”.

It appears clearly that some races have fully isolated themselves and come up with their own small communities. There could be many school districts under the federal court jurisdiction countrywide. Some states that operated a school system that was racially segregated are still languishing in the effects of segregation. The problem that is evident here is the fact that many schools have not embraced the school desegregation lawsuit. Actually, the schools have voluntary compliance agreement with the Department of Education of the United States. The author reiterates that, “Curriculum materials that are alleged to be aligned with governmentally established goals and standards and particularly suited to what are regarded as "the special needs and learning styles" of low-income urban children have been introduced.” Despite living in the 21st century, segregation still haunts contemporary schools in America. Segregation is ideally a private issue despite its underpinning by the legislation. 

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