Strategic Human Resource Management

Human resource management is considered to be one of the main success factors in the organizational development due to the fact that the latest scientific achievements show that the organization will succeed in the case the expects in the area of the organizational activity are employed in it and are tending to develop their establishment and make in competitive in the market of the 21-st century.

In the case of Ravi Behl business, which represents the rapidly developing industry of online selling, which, at the same time, implies the high competition on the market, the human resource management is the key success factor along with the professional approach towards business organization and promotion.

The importance of the HR

 Strategic planning may be supported by the fact that that it may assist business development in the following directions:

  • Incorporation of the HR plans into the development of the organizational goals and their achievement.
  • Instilling of the maxim for the personnel that the people are the key success factor in the overall plan of the company achievement and that the human source add the value to the organization (Strategic-Human-Resource, 2011, p.2).
  • Ensuring strategic learning and thinking in the case of their basic duties and responsibilities accomplishment. People, employed in the Ravi Behl business would see their contribution into the rapid development of the online business and high rate of the competitive ability of the company they are employed in. Additional positive factor of the employees’ motivation for the common goal achievement in the organization, which is in process of occupying the significant segment of online selling market is their further high rate of competitiveness in the labor market.
  • Designing of the performance incentive plans and the strategies of personal motivation, related to the improvement of the service, offered to the clients (Huselid, 1995. p.4).
  • Arrangement of the training programs, directed to the current skills of the personnel enhancement, such approach is directed to the improvement of the existing skills of the personnel and providing them with a possibility of developing the new skills, and that, in turn, would assist the organizations’ capability improvement (Small Business Bible, 2011, p. 1).

The purpose of strategic human resources activities in this organization may be assessed in the following way. First of all, strategic planning of the human resource may enable developing of the training programs for the newcomers and for the current employees, with take in account age, experience, general objectives of the business etc.

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 In the company, created by the young businessman - Revi Behl, who is only 25, the key factor of employment, despite of professional experience and abilities is the age which should not exceed 25 years. Such approach may be considered from several points of view. First of all, the director should be older than employees in order to be considered as the supervisor rather than the young boy. Secondly, in the online business, creativeness of the new generation is the key success factor due to the fact that such people understand the current needs and trends of the internet users, and the directions of the industry development.

Another approach towards HR planning, developed by Revi Behl is  employment of the freelance professionals. Such approach is effective due to the following reasons, first of all, the freelance work does not require additional material expenditures for the equipment of for the rent of the office, secondly, the freelance professionals may be part time employees and their professional experience may be borrowed for m the competitors, and the last positive aspect of such employment implies the possibility of the easy staff finding.

The contribution of strategic human resource management in the achievement of the organization’s objectives may be supported by the following factors: the needs of staff may be evaluated and met - whether by implementing the independent contractors or hiring the employees.

Another contribution of the Strategic Human Resource Management is the possibility of employment and further training or the best employees; also the further ensuring of their professional abilities is possible. More than that, the performance issues may be monitored and as a result, it is possible to evaluate whether the management practices meet the various regulations of online business or not (Towers, 2011, p.2).

The final issue to be outlined in the scopes of this research paper is the development of the approach of the employees’ motivation and compensation and, as a result, developing of the personnel policies.

To my opinion the main recommendation for the human resource planning for Ravi Behl is implementing the testing program in the process of employment. Such program may assist in evaluation of the key advantages of the potential employees, in seeing the potential of the candidate and also this program may  support the HR manager with the information of finding eh best vacancy for the further employee.

To conclude, it is important to make an emphasis that the strategic human resource management is an important tool for the general organizational goal achievement and its practical application would assist Ravi Behl in achievement of the competitive advantage and success in the industry of online shopping business. 

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