Critical thinking is also known as reflective thinking. This type of thinking referrers to rational thinking that is independent. Critical thinking relates to the evaluation of issues, or concepts from a broader perspective to a narrow perspective. This way, critical thinking strives to find a logical argument to presented questions in the quest to arrive at a rational conclusion. Further, critical thinking is a mental process that calls for rigorous analysis of issues in order to determine if the concepts presented are true or false before arrive at an irrefutable judgment (Moore, 2010).

Critical thinking requires intellectual reasoning that allows individuals to make inferences to the issues at hand. An individual who employs critical thinking is able to understand how different ideas are interconnected. Through critical thinking, one is also able to approach emerging issues from a different perspective thus, enabling them to evaluate facts from a neutral point of view before making any conclusions. When using critical thinking, ideas are justified and evaluated before they are adapted. Therefore, one is able to sample and prioritize all viable options before settling on the most efficient tactic (Moore, 2010).

Sometime back, I was involved in a committee that was tasked with recommending a viable staff training program. Among the requirements for this task involved, choosing between in-house training and outsource training. In-house training involved capitalizing on our human resource department for training. On the other hand, outsource training capitalized on paying another organization to train our staff. The two options were viable and practical. However, we had to employ critical thinking in order to arrive at an option that would be more effective for our staff. This involved a lengthy discussion, where members of the committee engaged in critical thinking. In this case, critical thinking encompassed, analyzing the pros and cons of the two options before settling on the most efficient option.

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Critical thinking is a decision making tool. This is because, critical thinking involves the use of analytical skills that ensure rigorous analysis of emerging issues. When issues are analyzed rigorously, one is able to make a rational decision that stands to benefit their organization or plans. Critical thinking is also important towards ensuring growth in the work place. It also leads to efficiency and high quality services and products. Decision making is a long process that requires adequate planning and time. Therefore, by employing critical thinking, ideas are dealt with in a systematic manner thus, ensuring the success of the decision making process (Romano, 2007).

Critical thinking in the decision making process is vital when dealing with new innovations. It is through critical thinking that we are able to evaluate the applicability of new concepts in the work place. Through critical thinking, it is possible to make rational changes to new concepts in order to customize them to fit within the goals of a specific organization. Critical thinking skills such as persistence, assertiveness, creativity, flexibility and empathy are prerequisite tools in the decision making process. This is because; they provide a favorable environment for making well-versed decisions that are results oriented (Romano, 2007).

In conclusion, critical thinking is a necessary tool especially for individuals who are at the management level. This is because they are tasked with making rational decisions on behalf of a larger group. Further, to arrive at a logical conclusion, it is important to employ critical thinking as it allows for evaluation of facts, concepts and ideas.

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