Social networks have really changed the way people interact. The advancement of technology has brought about new ways in which people can get and share various types of information. Information sharing and retrieval has also become rapid. Facebook has been phenomenal in revolutionalising social networking with an estimated five hundred million registered users on the social network.

Facebook has fast become the epitome of social networking, and with it, some setbacks have been witnessed in various places ranging from academic communities to the workplace. The negative effects, though, cannot in any way outweigh the positive effects. Any products in the market, however, must have some drawbacks. Online shopping for instance is very convenient but introduces a new problem of information security. Facebook has brought about a new way of keeping in touch with friends even when on long distance. There do exist instances when Facebook and indeed other social networks have been abused, ranging from people who use these sites to stalk others, people connecting to social networking sites while in class or during working hours (using the company's internet resources in the process), stalking (cyber stalking), problems to privacy of personal information since most information is visible on Facebook among other negativities.

The existence of these negative effects does not mean that Facebook should be avoided. In most cases, these negative effects surface when people don't use Facebook as it was intended. Let us face it, everything can be harmful when not used in the prescribed proportions. Fire is a good servant; the few cases that let it be master know very well how bad it can be. There has to be a tradeoff of some kind to fully enjoy the benefits. Facebook has changed, nay, revolutionalized how people interact, communicate and share personal experiences. The negativities that exist, many as they may be, cannot really tarnish the novel and good idea that Facebook is.

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