Integrated Device Technology, Inc is a public corporation whose headquarters is in San Jose, California. It commenced its operations in 1980 (IDT, 2012). It has since worked with stakeholders in the delivery of its service. The company has been in operation for over 30 years, and it has been tremendously successful.

The company has facilities that allow it to perform its functions of designing, manufacturing, and selling its products the world over. The shares of the company are traded publicly in the NASDAQ Stock market. The company mainly delivers innovations that seek to optimize the customer’s applications. The company also seeks give the final user a rich experience. It has three market drivers, which are consumer mobility, cloud computing, and 4G/LTE.

Integrated Device Technology, Inc is referred to as the premier digital and analog company due to possessing so much in-house talent (IDT 2012). It is also known to be among the best companies in its terrain due to possessing analog capabilities (Icon Group International, 2000). The more than 30 years experience that the company possesses makes it among the most competent companies. It capitalizes on what gives it an edge in the market, which is serial switching, and timing. It also concentrates on memory interfaces that help it to expand the signal content. The signal content is mainly used in computing, communications, and consumer application.

Ted Tewksbury who serves as the president and chief executive officer heads the company. Subramanyan Dakshinamoorthy who serves as the vice president in quality assists him. Other vice presidents include Mario Montana who is the general manager in the computing division. Arman Naghvi is the vice president in the power division. Paul Rolls serves as a senior vice president in the sales and marketing wing of the company. Chuen-Der Lien is the vice president in the section of technology.

In the communication aspect of the company, the partners and customers are used to remove any bottlenecks. When bottlenecks are removed, the company can easily deliver digital media through its network. The traffic jams that would normally occur are removed by low power intensive socs like communication clocks. Other devices that are used are signal path product and radio frequency. This enhances the position of the company power delivery. The services provided include interpreted solutions due to the wide knowledge base that is possessed within the company.

The consumer market target by the organization includes the computing market. The company identifies the niche market because cloud based data centers usually need memory systems that can have higher performance (IDT 2012). The data centers also need memory systems that have lower power and more virtualization. In the computing industry, the company offers memory interfaces and enterprise flash controllers. It offers products that have signal integrity to its customers. They also offer mobile computing solutions to customers. These include timing solutions and touch sensor technology. In this role, the company focuses on its role of meeting the green IT and cloud computing needs.

The consumer market demands higher performance options making the company’s management to be on its toes always. The organization is also forced to supply at competitive prices. It focuses on beating the offers made by smart phones, digital cameras, flat TVs, and other such technology products (IDT 2012). Innovation and integration constantly stays at the doors of the company. The management keeps this as its most valuable treasure due to the realization that it gives the company an edge in the market. The products produced have advanced performance, and they do so at market competitive prices. This is also true in the company’s duty of improving the battery life by offering solutions that are power-smart (IDT 2012).

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