Life on earth is majorly dependent on sunlight since it is essential in the production of the necessary temperature which is the driving force behind various physiological and biochemical processes in plants (Curtis & Susan, 2004). The plants capture and utilize the energy from plants for photosynthesis. Photosysthesis is the chemical process through which green plants manufucture the food molecules such as starch or carbohydrates. This is the reason by most scientists argue that  if plants were not there  then all forms of life including human beings would totally be facing extinction simply because we are all totally dependent on the molecules made up by plants through photosynthesis( Robinson,2001). In drawing any comparisons whether there is any significant relationship between the radiations from the sun has any significant relationship with the growth and development of plants, the conclusion is drawn that if all other factors are kept constant then the higher the intensity of sunlight the higher the rate of plant’s growth and development. It is further stated that the intensity of plant’s color is also related to the intensity and the amount of sunlight in the area given all other factors are kept constant. Botanists also state that most plants thrive well in areas with moderate sunlight as slightly shady conditions are perceived to alter the normal flower colours (Curtis & Susan, 2004).

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Even though most of the energy is accumulated and stored in green plants, several activities take place in dead plants that allows the energy stored to undergo a recycling process. One of the processes involved is the activities if the small insects that are habitats of the soil. They include beetle, earthworms that act upon the dead plants and cause decomposition to humus. These organisms are commonly known as detritivores and they play a major role in the energy recycling process (Robinson, 2001). It is documented that these same detritivores also act on dead and decaying organic matter of animals as well thereby facilitating the energy recycling process since animals derive their energy from plants. Another group of creatures that lead to complete decomposition of organic matter are the scavengers like the vultures that feed on these animals when they die. Last but not least is the last group called the decomposers like fungi that infests dead organic matter and break it completely (Curtis, 2004). As long as these creatures are present, no heaps of plant’s garbage will be seen on the surface of the earth.

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