The basics of science has also been applied in the understanding and the generation of knowledge relevant in space technology whereby a great step has been made in the innovation of radars which are essential as the defensive mechanisms for the earth and its technologies. The installed radars are necessary in the detection and the accurate space weather observations so that the negative impacts can be eventually be exposed and mitigated. A greater amount and intensity of electromagnetic wavelength strikes the earth and if such effects are not properly managed and controlled, it can eventually cause damage to the various operations such as those in the aviation sector as well as that in the telecommunications industry (Cowan, 2007) It is stated that humans greatly rely on the systems embedded on the space to for the purposes of information, communication as well as the application of the knowledge of remote sensing. This from my point of view is a way forward in the provision of the relevant knowledge and information to societies and the world in general.

In solving the controversies and eradication of the disputes and the inconveniences associated with the voting systems, nations and key political figures who believe in fairness in the voting system are now advocating for the use of the technology of electronic voting system. This is yet another science based technological system that is projected to solve the problems of the natural environment. Most nations including the United States of America have been using the  old technology of physical vote casting and the use of human beings to count and compile the results of the voting exercise. This method has been discredited by most nations as it is seen as very inaccurate more especially when large and enormous numbers of votes are available for counting.

According to Professor Rubin of JohnHopkinsUniversity, there was a great need for the most reliable and a voting system that is more secure to the American people as well as the rest of the world who believed in democracy as the only way forward. He argues that the other voting systems which have been in place have been characterized by inconsistencies, discrepancies and in accurate information. Earlier in the initial stages of the development of the technology from the scientific system approach, a great need was realized and need identified for the cooperation of a multidisciplinary idea of incorporation of the technologies from all over the United states that mimics the use of the touch screens as that case of the automotive teller machines commonly referred to as the ATMs (Ewen &Stuart, 2008).With the consultation and the availing of such information to the team, there has been a creation of the electronic technologies used in the voting so that what is left was the testing which followed through a pilot study carried out in the recent general elections. Robin and his team of experts were therefore asked to develop a technological system that gives the voters, the clerks, officials involved in the election process an opportunity to actively participate in the entire voting process with ease. This is to say, the development of a voting system whose level of accuracy and security cannot be tampered with or interfered with from any other external forces or individuals including the developers. The technology developed was that that was not prone to external malicious adjustments so that its reliability may be guaranteed. Robin discredited the available technologies by saying that even the most powerful equipment was not capable of predicting the outcomes of the recent American general elections.

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A quite interesting technological system that bears its principles from science is that developed by a gentleman called Tero of the University of Hokkaido in Japan alongside his colleagues from the United Kingdom (Hughes, 2000). Their focus was majorly on the moulds who they associated its outward growth and extension to the railway system network in TokyoJapan as of then. The mould was allowed to organize itself, and its level of growth and expansion was seen as a replica that could be used in the expansion and correction of the faults and the inefficiencies of the railway system network.Tero in his piece of work outline the growth activity of various organisms as a strategy to explore deeply into their environment in terms of the resources that may be available. This powerful statement was seen as a great account of the expansion capacity of the mould. In his report, Tero further indicates that organisms with single cells in them like amoeba use the best methods possible like phagocytosis to engulf the food materials by using the shortest route possible(Bijker, 2004 ).He noted the relevance of this basic science knowledge to be essential in teaching the relevant authorities in the formulation of policies and strategies that can be used in the railway transport network system to reduce the high costs of transportation as well as to minimize the size of land used in rail construction and communication sectors of the economy. It is therefore important to note that the contribution made by Tero alongside his colleagues acted as an example to have scientific systems can be incorporated in the relevant technological systems like that of the transport network as well a key guide in the formulation of the relevant policies. Tero says that their model finds its great application in the improvement of the reliability and efficiency as well as a cost reduction initiative in networks which are self organized like the sensor technologies, mobile tracking network systems as well as the networks in the hoc field.

Right from the advancement and the development of science which can be traced back from the revolution of the technology in China in the year 1800, the focus was to table a new system that could be of benefit to economic development (Bijker, 2004) .This was also to provide a technological framework that lays the basics for prosperity and development. The market as dictated by the economy was seen as a way of playing a basic role in the initial stages in promoting technological resources. Most institutions that embrace technology are seen to capitalize and take advantage of the mechanisms in marketing policies as a legal framework in their operations.

In summary, it can be concluded without reasonable doubts that there is a great proven interaction between the scientific systems and the technological systems. The key focus therefore is to adopt such policies that are of no or limited harm to the common person as well as the neighboring nations that may not be directly involved in the exercise. Risk benefit analysis should accompany any technology before it is embraced by any nation. The point is that more research should focus on the unexploited areas in science and technological systems so that more beneficial interrelationships may be discovered for the benefit of the society (Kuhn, 2001).

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