The advancement in wireless technology is one of the most notable advancements that man has made in the recent years. People can now communicate using wireless devices from any part of the globe, thanks to the innovations and inventions made in the field of telecommunications and information technology. Therefore, this field forms a fertile ground for research since it affects many aspects of life. This paper presents topics inventory, a controlling idea, and a short proposal concerning various issues in the field of wireless technology.

Academic study – personal interest in this case is in mobile phones and other portable communication devices that have appeared because of the advancements in wireless technology. These are the most common devices associated with the field. The academic subject in this case is based on telecommunication engineering, which is responsible for the practical aspects of coming up with various wireless gadgets used all over the world. This is also the professional face behind the advancements in wireless technology, which has come up with the devices used. This topic has several possible academic categories that can be developed as follows:

  1. The impact of wireless technology on communication and the flow of information in the world; this reflects on various trends in the communication industry as imparted by wireless gadgets.
  2. The field of wireless technology has merits and demerits implying that it has varied effects on day-to-day events in life.
  3. The application of wireless technology in crucial life issues, such as security among other benefits.

Social issue – personal interest in this topic is the effects of a social issue that wireless technology has affected the overall social structures of various societies. This is mainly with respect to communication. An appropriate academic topic will be how wireless technology has affected the living styles of various societies across the world. In this regard, the topic has several possible academic topics, which include:

  1. Changes in the manner in which security issues are currently handled with respect to the advancements done in the field of wireless technology.
  2. Communication has had traditional methods of doing it. Therefore, it is possible that wireless technology has had substantial effects on the job market. This means that people have been affected by the advancements in wireless technology as far as their careers are concerned.
  3. The effect on social cohesiveness and coordination among various societies since communication plays a significant role in ensuring homogeneity in society.

Scientific subject – personal interest will revolve around knowledge behind the information system used in coming with various wireless gadgets, such as mobile phones. This will go along the academic subject that will focus on the scientific art behind various wireless gadgets used. The three most suitable and possible academic topics under this category are the following (however, they are not limited to these ones only):

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  1. Various risks related to the fact that different scientific aspects of wireless technology affect the environment and the health of users of different gadgets.
  2. The concern for the acceptable standards of various instruments used in the production of wireless gadgets like mobile phones is also a possible academic topic.
  3. The manner in which the field of wireless technology is controlled is also key to understand how players in this field ensure sanity.

Cultural background – personal interests in this topic are how traditions and technology interact with each other. Culture is always affected by any force that touches the society, therefore, the academic subject focuses on the revolutionary occurrences in the field of telecommunications. With respect to wireless technology, possible academic topics in this include:

  1. Factors behind the trends observed in the field of wireless technology and its effects on culture.
  2. The impact of the advancements in the way people communicate and the fate of the traditional methods of communication.
  3. The impacts it has created on usual ways of living.

Controlling Idea Statement- a thesis statement

Wireless technology is currently a booming field in the world. This advancement in technology has changed the manner in which people live. However, it is arguably true that the change has had its pros and cons. This technology has changed almost every if not all the ways of doing things in the world, and it is shaping most events in the world ranging from security to business among others.

Short Proposal

Topic: wireless technology and its effects (positive and negative) on the way people live in the current world.

It is evident that wireless technology has affected some of the most salient aspects of life. According to Sasidhar and Durga (2005, p. 45), day-to-day life of many people is now controlled by wireless technology in greater ways. This is mainly evident in learning styles that are used today. Therefore, this will be given priority while researching other effects. However, there is a number of other disparities, such as the connectivity in different places.

It is necessary to understand the current trends in wireless technology in order to prepare to manage the future and the wave of change in the way people live. This technological advancement has affected virtually all life affairs ranging from communication, security, healthcare, and business among many others. One of the most sensitive issues affected is business. According to the report from the United States by the Committee on Wireless Technology Prospects and Policy Options, National Research Council (2011, p. 20), market dynamics have changed altogether due to wireless technology. This claim will also be subject to our study.

The speed at which wireless technology has evolved is also subject to the study. Since the introduction of analogue mobile communication gadgets in 1950s, there has been a tremendous growth in the same (Osseiran, Monserrat & Mohr 2011). This implies that there are certain factors that influence this trend. However, it is allegedly true that wireless technology has had negative effects too. A telling example is the claim that mobile phones emit dangerous radiations that affects users. Could this be responsible for the trend we see in diseases like cancer? This and other claims of that nature will be probed in the research. 

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