Music from China, Japan, Korea and Mongolia has a heavy cultural bearing in them. With the exception of the modern day music the traditional songs have a deep reflection on the culture of the respective nation of where it is composed. For instance, a good number of songs from the China have a reflection on meditation and relaxation. The music from Japan is blend of the traditional music and modern day music. Generally, music from the above four countries have a deep bearing and depicts the traditions and culture of the nations.

The Music in Question

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The music in question is good. It is well arranged and everything falls in its rightful place to give a true depiction of a great music. It is a ritual music specifically used for meditation purpose. This piece of music can be cut into three pieces with the middle piece being the longest. At the beginning, the music starts on a very low pace and builds up as it moves to the second piece. Unlike the first piece, the second piece is full of heavy beats which denotes its beginning. The beats in the second part though heavy are quite soft and accompanied by some background chants. The heavy beats are rhythmic and resonate well with the soft rhythmic beats which run quietly at the background. Towards the end the heavy beats die off as the soft beats are left to run the music to the end. The music displays a lot of harmony which is essential in music meant for relaxation.  

This music is composed with the correct tempo, not too fast nor too slow, to make it possible for meditation and relaxation to be experienced. I especially like the soft crashing sound; to me it is quite relaxing. The beats/chanting which start at 1.5 minutes are particularly soothing combined with the heavy soft beats.

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