It is common knowledge that unity brings more strength, this has been very evident in America today since it is what it is today because of teamwork that has been seen in various sectors of development for a long time now. With a clear systematic mechanism for distribution of responsibilities, with the necessary motivation, tasks are more likely to be accomplished routinely within the required time-frame leading towards the achievement of a nation's long-term goals. Abbey in his article talks about how much he loves his job that comes with a generous pay and priceless benefits. He describes the job as being simple with no much mental effort requirement (Abbey p. 223. Paragraph.1). He seems comfortable in his place of work, this clearly showing that when human beings are given a comfortable environment to work under, the job is always done diligently and on time.

America is known to be a social nation with diverse personalities who share different opinions about different issues affecting the society. Even with this diversity and difference in terms of opinion, many people still manage to carry themselves out in a way that is devoid of violence. The writer gives us a view of his encounters with people at a beer joint situated in a beautiful metropolis known as Moab. He meets people here whom he describes as respectful and those who treat one another with courtesy. These people belong to different professions but they still manage to socialize in a free and friendly manner unlike the joints in the country sides which he describes as sad and gloomy (p. 224.Paragraph.1).

The reason why these two places differ is a question many people would be asking themselves. The answer is very simple, the truth is that these people of different professions e.g. prospectors, miners, geologists etc. are usually very physically engaged daily at their workplaces and therefore at the end of the day happen to be very tired and in need of rest. They can no longer engage in physically demanding activities like violent acts simply because they are in dire need of a moment of relaxation. Another reason is that since some of them work in excluded environments, finding themselves in an environment with a large crowd is something they can not complain about but rather enjoy. Another logical reason is that most of these people earn sufficient wages with some high level of self-confidence.

To what extremes can people go to have a moment of enjoyment? This is the million dollar question that the writer poses to us. He gives us an example of The Park Service Act that was established in the year 1916 to enhance proper management of the national parks. It was established also to protect it in such a way that it meets the current needs of its users as well as to ensure it remains maintained in its natural form to meet the enjoyment needs of the future generations also. There are two major parts of this act that defines how well it can either be properly maintained or messed up and these are; one, the part that provides for the provision of enjoyment and two, the part that dictates that the parks should be left unimpaired. The earlier is an opinion that is popular with developers and the latter is popular with those advocating for the preservation of the national parks (p. 230.Paragraph.2).

The writer who is an employee at a national park narrates a story of how development plans were implemented at his place of work to be able to attract more tourists. Just as expected and projected, there was a dramatic change in business at the Arches National Monument after its development. This was once a place that provided a unique primitive and remote kind of enjoyment to the few people who were adventurous enough to visit it. This therefore was not the case after the development since the number of visitors was now always on the increase everyday, every month and every year.

The trend continued and was even extended to other national parks all around the country e.g. the Canyonlands National park, the Grand Canyon National park, the Navajo National Monument.

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With regards to this issue of preservation and development, many people hold different opinions guided by their own social beliefs. Some people, just like the developers believe that change and development is a very essential factor in any private or public institution as long as it will maximize on the value of outcome that can be accrued from it. Some even courageously believe and advocate for complete overhaul whereby they say nature should be completely destroyed to give room not even for man but for the industrial sector. In our world where urbanization is quickly taking root, this is an argument that is likely to be supported by so many people without putting much thought on the later consequences (p. 229.paragraph.3).

The writer on his side holds a very different opinion that is very popular with those advocating for preservation. He argues that wilderness is an essential part of urbanization that should be preserved to remain in its natural form.

He brings to our attention the very important fact that even though many people will agree with this point of view they tend to have the opinion that a compromise always has to be made to ensure that the daily growing needs of the people towards out-door recreation is appropriately met (p. 230 paragraph.1).

One of the arguments made by the developers in support of there development venture is the need for efficient movement and accessibility mechanism that is not only necessary for the people visiting these parks but also for their machines. The preservation advocators on the other hand disagree with this argument saying that wilderness and machines like automobiles and motorboats are not compatible. They argue that this is so because, to be able to experience the incredible enjoyment that the wilderness has to offer, then the motors should be left at their rightful place where they belong.

The writer brings to our attention a very interesting view of the meaning of accessibility, mentioning that the simplest accessibility mode that has been around ever since is by means of the feet, legs and the heart. If the Mt. Everest and McKinley have been accessed by feet before then what is it that is impossible, he argues?

Records show that thousands of people each year climb to the top of Mt. Whitney. Many others use their foot or horses to tour various other outdoor recreational sites e.g. the ranges of Sierras, the Rockies and the mountains of New England. Others, eager to feel a taste of the difficulties associated with different natural areas paddle. With this in mind, the question therefore that lingers on the heads of many of these people with preservation mentality is why greater attention is directed towards many people who were born in comfort and always demand comfortable, easy and secure routes to lead them to the different parts of the national parks. Why do all this at the expense of the adventurers who will do anything possible to access resources that will fulfill there natural enjoyment pleasures (p.231 paragraph.1).

The scary truth today is that this money minded mentality is a serious threat to the national parks. The motorized tourists should realize that they are being deprived of a very vital treasure that is the very essence of adventure. Until the day they will accept to get out of their vehicles, they will never get to enjoy the real fun that comes with these national parks. The writer in summarizing all of this gives some practical solutions that can help save the situation. He proposes that no cars should be allowed in national parks and at the same time to ensure that no new roads are constructed in the national parks. He also proposes that park rangers should be given some real work instead of wasting time on chores like selling tickets the whole day.

People should not only address issues in social places and let the authorities every time do things the way they wish. They should start making demands for the sake of their future generations. Unity is a very important factor necessary in realizing some of these important changes that will protect the environment for the future generation's sake.

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