World culture has been on evolution for a long time as a result of the intermingling and cross-cultural among people from different parts of the globe. Culture is a key factor that links people to a given society within the globe and sharing has diversified cultural believes among the world communities. Through culture, people are able to share and acquire more knowledge on the ethical and values in the human life and how to relate social with each other in the society (Spilsbury, 2010). World culture is established through tolerance of religious and the ethnic disparity. It comprises of the protection of human rights and uphold of people’s interests with equality in allocating the world’s natural resources.

Some of the online videos representative of India and japan culture includes examples of cultural expressions such as a Bollywood movie from India or Anime videos from Japan. Bollywood is formally referred as Hindi cinema which produces films I regional languages. This language has lead to influence of Indian English in dialogue and songs as well, phrases or even whole sentences. On the other hand Anime in Japan means Japanese animated cartoons. This move mainly apply computer-animated anime exist is used in series, video, commercials, internet- based release to bring out genre of fictions (Prasad, 2000).

Anime move main looks on to Japan popular culture which reflects the attitudes and concern but also provides a link to the past. This films, manga, music and video games which were developed from older artistic literary traditions and some of their themes can be link to traditional at. According to research 80 percent of the population of a sample of men and women watch television and listen to radio and read magazines. It is approximated that about 17 percent spent hours of engaged in hobbies and teenagers and retired people reported also to spend their time on this activists.

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Cultural differences’ that exist between the two moves-Bollywood and Anime when carefully scanned Under the personal choice Bollywood moves are being is gain wide spread because many cultures are able to view them than Hollywood movies which are subtitled as well? On the other hand Bollywoods moves has inclusion of steamy kissing in its moves while Hollywood’s movies themes often include risqué themes and violent visual images which mainly targets the young crowds (Sunder, 2011).

Hollywood observations supported with comedians such as Harry Met Sally, music’s like Grease and Moulin Rouge and also with sexy moves  such American Pie are also popular in Hollywood. Bollywood movies appear to be sentimental side of human nature. What main stood out between these two movies is there as far a cult is concerned. This has some unusual significance to that region or culture. For example the place of wizard of Oz in the American and British gay culture is one the moves bring out the cult (Patten, 2004).

The main difference exists when different culture like shoot up moves concerning really actors as human beings while Hollywood realized they make out movies out cartoons or animated series. This moves storyline bring in new technologies in special effects and rightly for example the animated series Avatar. The similarities are that all these moves try to be educative to entire human race and also to bring the entertainment solution to human generations. The ways of this culture can only apply to The Indians and the Japanese as far their benefits is concerned. To me I cannot find it beneficial because it is against my cults. Definitely culture shock is prone to experience to anybody being introduce to new culture which he is not used to. This will include their ways of their living, behaviour patterns and cultures.

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