Sociological imagination is that capability to look at the entire society as the probable cause of daily success and failures rather than focusing considering oneself alone. It is a fact that the history has influence on the lives of people because whatever is done locally, nationally as well as globally has a trickling effect to individuals. According to Schwartz & Scott (2003), individuals are called upon to develop sociological to understand history as well as relate to their present life circumstances. In this paper we shall apply sociological imagination so as to understand some characteristics of the welfare population and use an example to elaborate the welfare allotment.

Sociological Imagination

The globalization concept has increased economic incorporation across national borders allowing goods and services to flow freely and has resulted in affecting individual states economies. With globalization, the nations have lost their independence in determining their economic as well as policies. Moreover, the organization of societies has been interfered with by the globalization process. The global integration has gone to an extent of changing social relations. The global market pressure exerted on a country eventually affects the government capacity to collect taxes and regulate its citizens socially. The most affected by the government lack of revenue base in the Welfare State where individuals are supported by welfare allotment. Thus with the globalization on the rise, the governments have to reduce the allotment affecting an individual's daily living status (Pergher, n. d.).

The major purpose of Welfare States is to lower poverty among citizens while ensuring that equal distribution of resources is achieved. The global trade where the country experiences a lot of outflow of its resources hinders development capital leading to high unemployment rate. This in turn causes high dependence on Welfare State which cannot be in a position to support large population of unemployed citizens with reduced resources leading to low welfare allotment from State. Therefore the daily experiences that citizens go through are actually caused by external factors of the entire society and nation rather than personal actions. The living standards of the people living in a Welfare State are dictated by the State allotments which indicate that poverty is prevalent whenever such allotments reduce due to the globalization adjustments (Pergher, n. d.).

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A typical person living in Washington State with two children receives annual Welfare benefits of $8,000 to $9,000 on cash benefits and food stamps. This translates to monthly allocation of $750 where they live on welfare only. On the other hand, a poor person with two children who works may double the amount to earn an annual amount between $15,000 and $16,000. Therefore an individual living only with welfare allotment of $750 per month has to budget appropriately so as to support the individual as well as the two children (The Mothers Movement Online, 2008). As for me my monthly budget would have to be well balanced so as to ensure that at least we are able to live with my children although in a tight welfare allotment.

With my lean budget in Washington State, I prioritize on the basic needs which include food, shelter and clothing. This means that the first item in my budget shall be food taking up to $250 per month, the house rent is allocated $100 and clothing allocated $100. After the basic needs are met I go ahead with my budget allocation of $50 to transport allowance, $50 to pay water and electricity bills, $50 for insurance and medical bills, $30 for household necessities, $100 for children's education and $20 on bank charges and other financial services.

Considering the above small budget, the lives of my children as well as my own would not be contented with the poverty state of affairs. This will put me under constant pressure to improve my wealth status. In general it would be a miserable life of living without any satisfaction due to the nature omitting other secondary needs so as to meet daily necessities.

This assignment teaches me that it is important not to despise the poor in the society following the popular opinion, attitude and image which considers those under State welfare to be lazy. However, I have understood that it is not out of their own creation that they are poor but rather caused by circumstances of the society which did not favor them. Since I now know that poverty is torture, then I should treat all of the people with respect irrespective of their level of financial strength.

Through the process of sociological imagination it is possible to understand that poverty has been created by the entire society rather that blaming it on individuals. It is important to note that poor individuals living with their children are subjected to a tight budget based only on welfare allotment which has continuously been revised downwards due to globalization effects on individual countries. Finally, it is important that all persons are respected irrespective of their wealth status and that the popular opinions, attitude and image of people under welfare should be discouraged.

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