The complexity or activity of the human brain is unmatched, not even by the most advanced technology in the world. How the brain works remains an enigma to many if not to all of us. The brain consists of two main parts, the right hemisphere which is responsible for collecting information. If this part, of the brain damages, then one looses his or her visual information. On the other hand, we have the left hemisphere which analyzes information. If the left hemisphere injures, the brain looses its ability to analyze information, and it might not be able to solve complex problems or perform complex activity. This may result in problems such as depression, problems using language, and organizational problems.

The frontal part of the brain called frontal lobe is responsible for sequencing and organizing activities. A section deep within the brain controls emotions like anger, aggression among others by sending messages to other parts of the brain to act. Having looked at the skeletal part of this subject, we will now delve deep into how electrical and chemical components of the brain affect peoples' thoughts, behavior, and emotions.

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The brain consists of cells known as neurons which are responsible for shooting down electrical impulses down the axons. Axons then in return shoot out chemicals that travel across the synapses triggering other neurons. In effect, the chemical and electrical signals carried by hormones and nerves integrate the whole body giving rise to coordinated cycles in almost all body functions.

The nerves trigger the glands to excrete hormones. The hormones affect the brain cells which trigger the brain to release hormones that affect human behavior in general.

I do agree that, experiences and ones actions is the function of the brain. Gardner (1983) asserts that though the brain can be influenced by genes and experiences, it is no longer a nature or nurture controversy, it is proving to be the nexus of all information on behavior. Environment is said to shape ones behavior and experiences, the brain, though,   still remains a crucial element in defining the self.

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