Geography is the study of the earth as an environment of humankind and the human activities on earth. The physical geography and human geography are branches of geography. Human geography is the study of human activities on the earth surface like fishing, forestry, tourism among others. It may also include the study of population its growth and distribution. Physical Geography is the study of natural environment of humankind. Major areas covered under Physical geography may include soil and rocks; internal structure of earth; weather and climate; vegetation and solar system. Ecology is the scientific study of study of Earth’s structure and the processes that take place in the earth or on earth’s surface like volcanic eruptions, weathering, and erosion among others. It may include the study of the rocks and minerals in the earth. During fieldwork, students may collect various rocks, minerals and fossils to study them and identify their type.

Environmental science is the scientific study of the environment that enables the identifying some of environmental problems and coming up with the solution those environmental problems. Environmental science uses physical and biological sciences like biology, chemistry like find out the chemical properties of soil, and ecology.  It may also include social sciences like sociology to understand human relationships with one another or with the animal and organisms around them, and to study the human policies towards the environment.

Environmental science involves a lot of research and laboratory work which results to interesting discoveries. This can be very interesting to students who like making discoveries and coming up with news theories. The students especially for geological sciences engage in field work to collect samples of soil and rocks to study and identify their chemical and physical properties. Geography especially those students who study human geography and environmental scientist may engage in field work to study the human activities and their effect on the environment.

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All this courses are offered at various universities in the world. These courses are closely related as it deals with the earth, human activities and the environment. One of the importance’s of these courses is the career development for the students. There are various career opportunities for the students who study these courses.

Environmental Scientist

Graduates in Geography and Environmental Science have been employed by various private and public sector agencies mostly as consultants and researchers. Areas that an environmental scientist may be consulted may include on human impact on environment assessment; environment and resource management; resources and environmental policies; waste management; water resource management; environment conservation and management of biodiversity and climatology, meteorology and atmospheric science.

Environmental scientist may be consulted in times of hazards like earthquakes, floods. This is because they study earth processes such as landslides, earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, tremors that can be hazardous to people and may lead to destruction of property. They predict the possibility of such processes to taking place and in which area.

The government may need the scientists to research and come up with ways of addressing these environmental problems. They help he government in the formulation of policies to handle such disasters. For example they may help in putting in place measures to prevent the flooding in a region. They study the cases that have already occurred to come up a prediction of the possibility of such occurrences from reoccurring. The areas that have flooded in the past might be flooded in the future. These ideas can be used to help in the development of communities and determine where flood protection measures are required.

Geologists may also be needed by the construction companies since work to understand these processes that occur on the surfaces and in the earth well enough. This help construction companies from building important structures where they might be damaged or affected by the hazards like earthquakes and tremors.

Environmental scientists may be consulted on the suitable measures to put in place to curb environmental pollution. Global warming is a global crisis that requires the expertise of environmental scientist to come up with measures to curb it.

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