The purpose of this essay is to analyze the firm on “ Erin Brockovich”. This movie talks about the things that we value in life and the need of valuing them at all times. The movie teaches us the importance of appreciating what we have as well as the things that we value. There is need of cherishing and not taking for granted that which we value in lives. This movie shows us the cost of being socially irresponsible as professional as well as a company.

The act of social irresponsibility leads to health related problems in the town which in the movie. The health problem affects a certain family for years until they come to understand that their problem is as a result of water related cause. The main character in this movie who is a lady lawyer offer her services for free to see that the people of this town gets justice especially the family that is affected by the negligence of the company that is responsible for ensuring that water that is taken by residents of the town is safe. This movie has so many issues that one can learn in relation to life.

Erin Brockovin our main character in the movie is a jobless single parent who has three children’s. The mother had lost a law suit on basis of personal injury which she had filed a against a doctor in an accident that involved the doctor’s car. Erin request Edward to find her a work as form of compensation for the loss she suffered. She is given a job regarding a certain case where she digs the facts related to the case of PG& E. Through her research she is able to reveal some sort of irresponsibility on the part of PG &E Company.

Everyone is familiar with the saying "when it rains, it pours".  Most people know that it does happen often enough.  This is how the movie starts.  Erin Brockovich is a mother of three and has been divorced twice.  She gets into a car accident and files a case against the opposing party, a wealthy doctor.  She loses the case, of course.  She finds herself jobless with no babysitter on hand to take care of her children, one of whom is sick at that time (Giles &Ansen, 2001).With all these happening and she has less than one hundred dollars in her bank account.  In her desperation to find a job, she manages to twist her lawyer's arm to give her a job as a clerk in his law firm.  He gives in and a series of events lead up to an exciting and unexpected experience for Erin Brokovich.

If you judge one by their appearance, then Erin is not one who depicts efficiency, intelligence and reliability.  She loves to wear unusual outfits like tops with plunging necklines and miniskirts to match.  To complete the outfit, she wears only high heeled shoes.  One's first impression of her would be that she is involved in a professional escort service or to put it more bluntly, a prostitute.  You would not expect that this woman is tough and empowered (Lyman & Rick, 2000).

As the story goes she finds among the files a case against a big company, Pacific Gas and Electric which has been poisoning a small town, Hinkley's water for over thirty years.  She convinces her boss that they should pursue the case because the poisonous chemical Chromium 6 has been affecting the health of the citizens of Hinkley. With Erin's persistence and concern, she and lawyer Ed Masry won a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company against all odds.  It became a landmark case because the company was forced to settle such a large amount in damages to the 600 citizens of Hinkley.  The amount reached $333 million!

The director of the movie, Steven Soderburgh, has gained a reputation of coming up with offbeat movies where he approaches the presentation of the movie in a new and unexpected direction. He starts off slowly by depicting this helpless twice divorced woman who encounters discrimination, still in this modern day and age, with regard to being a single mother with no job and looking impoverished.  In the course of the movie, you as the audience, realize the slow progress Erin has made by gaining respect in her law firm and is now seen as a threat by a very big company PG and E.  The movie slowly unveils how Erin investigates how many people's health has been affected for the longest time.  The turning point comes when some of the Hinkley residents actually count on her to do something about their predicament.  She fights tooth and nail at whatever cost to get the case running.  Now she gets the attention of the big company despite her unconventional looks and status.  It is so opposite from what one would expect a lawyer's assistant should like.

The producer of the movie makes the movie more interesting by using various techniques such as suspense and flash back. The techniques of flash back reveals to the audience the past mistakes or life that that the characters in the movie lived (Cardwell &Diane, 2001). The movie producer makes the movie more appealing to the audience by usage of suspense this technique makes the audience have the urge to know what is going to happen. Therefore, the over all organizational of the movie, in terms of usage of various linguistic styles and other theatre devices is okay thus, making the movie a worthwhile venture to watch.

Erin Brokovich is a symbol of empowerment.  She surpasses all obstacles and got more than she expected.  She first adapts a tough exterior to conceal her vulnerability as she goes through a string of bad luck from finances to personal issues (Sarris &Andrew, 2000).  Through the course of the movie she manages to juggle work, mothering and meeting her own personal needs without having to depend on anyone. Erin is one of the characters in this movie that makes it more interesting and enjoyable watching? Her zeal for her work and need to help \others get justice is what make her an admirable character.

The movie is excellent, enjoyable, interesting and I can highly recommend the movie to all categories of people because it is appealing to all groups of people in life. It touches on the issue that affect all people in their day to day lives.

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