Omega Business Impact Analysis

A Business impact plan especially for recovery is a critical task to get business right on track. It involves a deeper research on the options where the data could have been lost and the most accurate way to prevent such future disasters. It is however important to note that the more time is taken to bring back a business function back to functioning status the easier the recovery options increase next time such a disaster occurs and this is critical for such incorporation as omega research incorporation. It lays the foundation for an effective plan after disaster. The following will be an effective BIA for Omega research and will be truly invaluable for identifying what is at stake incase of a disaster and also a justifiable spending plan on information protection and recovery capability (Elliot, 1999). It will be a major tool in ensuring Omega research continuity as incorporation and also an essential recovery plan.

Executive Summary

As a rapidly expanding incorporation Omega inc. needs some critical reforms to meet its outlined goals and quicker recovery from such disasters and also ensure business continuity in its different locations offices and operations units. The Omega's offices that is; San Diego office, Reston office and Kansas City office are highly exposed and vulnerable to environmental risks that is earthquakes, flooding and tornado's. These may result very high costs and large expenses once the facility is hit by such disasters. The firm should thus secure itself through acquisitions of more insurance security premiums and also internally equip itself with relevant coping mechanisms and mitigation measures through proper business management plans just incase of occurrence of any environmental disaster in future (Elliot, 1999)

In order to reduce cash and short term borrowing with a very short period which reduces the overhead and costs, the incorporation should reform in the area of taking and booking hard cash as this is quite critical in business operation. On the other hand the SAP System should be safe by application of state of the art technology to prevent internet based thefts and other such accidents through enhancing the authentication security. The system should also have an instant back up system to counter a major attack on it and the availability of technology chosen at the recovery vendor which has been a challenge should be retooled. Additionally SunGuard needs to provide the needed IBM servers that the incorporation uses in running the SAP application. To reduce recovery time, the technology in use should rely on critical upgrades for example continuous upgrading of the library tape technology for recovery to faster speed, higher density devices and media in order to meet the needs tapes tape use in back up storage  of information (Vance, 2009). Also the use and proper implementation of SAP as a central system requires an upgrade for effective recovery and also to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding business.

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More important in running any type of business workforce/ work personnel is the key support in running such business as Omega Inc. There is need to ensure that the people on the ground who runs the business smoothly and up to its goals are effective and efficient delivering in accordance.  Additionally there is need to ensure that adequate access to SAP system in order to be able to sell and deliver various services to the clients and also getting new contracts and renewals from customers. This will ensure reliable income generation and winning the customer confidence by the firm therefore increasing the business growth and development.

Summary of the BIA Result

It is quite evident that all omega business units and branches in different areas are dependent on the existing infrastructures including the information systems and security systems. The telephone and updated computer security systems that depend on the internet should be considered by all of omegas business units during future disaster recovery and business continuity planning applications. Given that omega inc offices are located in different geographical areas and are somehow independent in their operations it would be critically advisable for the management team to comply with some general principals for the entire firm.

Each of the operating unit should provide a clear goal of operation having in mind the overall goal which is to develop business with local market and offering onsite consultancy services. To effectively effect this, there in need for a formulating a competent management team for each unit to ensure service deliver by the Omega incorporation to both the clients and the employees. It is also very important to provide an up to date and highly secure computer systems, back ups and secure enough resources to deal with the business emerging needs and issues (Vance, 2009). Upon adoption of the above this will ensure that all the business units will effectively operate and be equipped with the capacity to cope and quickly recovery incase of any impact thus enhancing the continuity of the business independently in the units.

Omega Research lacks some major components of the business continuity plan such as disaster recovery policy and formal backup thus requires urgent need to develop them. Employees should also be properly and adequately trained on various programs that the organization finds relevant to itself such as Phishing.

In conclusion future recovery from such kind of data loss will depend on the time taken to prepare for such an occurrence. This time should be spent on planning and coordinating activities to prevent such accidents in advance before they happen. This will only be achieved through proper systems in place and a close monitoring of the business operations and all its systems.

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