Homeland security has  placed several measures to ensure the citizens are safe. This is possible through the existence of Law Enforcement Agencies and non-Law Enforcement Agencies. Their roles easily manifested during a disaster like the hurricane Katrina. Louisiana police and the FEMA are the two agencies that played a significant role in providing solutions to the victims of the disaster. The jurisdiction of the two agencies are mostly defined by the law

Among the responsibilities by Louisiana  State Police in responding to this disaster include the use their well trained personnel, good communication infrastructure, logistics, and other planning capabilities to make the rescue mission a success. The police also provides law and order especially to protect the properties of those affected.  FEMA on their part helped in the evacuation of victims, advising people to take the necessary steps that would reduce losses in the future, encouraging the affected communities to take national food insurance programs, and encouraging them to buy flood insurance. They are also involved in the collection of dead bodies, and providing first aid medications.

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The way these agencies operate is solely guided by the law. However, they are able to fulfill their duties by having a group of highly trained personnel who are specialized in disaster management. This  boosts their rapid response action to a disaster, use of helicopters to evacuate and deliver relief food. FEMA additionally lobbies for charity to collect funds that may help them serve the victims better. This agency also makes  contract terms with other agencies like Kenyol international  to provide firefighters and assist them in the collection of corpses.

It is evident that the two agencies provide emergency services and possibility of overlap of roles cannot be ruled out. Roles may overlap when they are providing fire fighting services, evacuation of victims to safer areas, collection of corpses, among others. This will ultimately result in slow services delivery, and greatly affect the quality of work being done.

Additionally, it will result in wastage of resources since a lot  of money is used for the single purpose.
Conflicts can be addressed through many ways among the; using professionals to handle disasters do that the roles of each agency is clear known, tasks definition and boundaries. 

Victims can also be educated on how to assist themselves. Conflict may arise when the property of FEMA may be stolen and may blame the police for their failure to maintain law and order. Communication between the two agencies has  to be improved enhance service delivery.

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