The article is a beautiful description of the problem of infertility among humans which ultimately leads us to understand the dilemma of moral ethics which is evident in the protagonist David and even in other characters. The beginning of article serves as an indicator that the article is dealing with some sort of advances of medical science in the 21st century and its impact upon human beings. The writer has expressed the emergence of advances in medical science in a more pragmatic way.

As a child I had a book called "Where Did I Come From?" It offered a full biological explanation, in cartoons, to answer those awkward questions that curious tots ask. But the book is now out of date. Replacing it is, for example, Mommy, Did I Grow in Your Tummy?: Where Some Babies Come From, which explains the myriad ways that children of the twenty-first century may have entered their families, including egg donation, surrogacy, in vitro fertilization, and adoption.


So many questions can be imposed about this story and most of these questions will directly be related to the medical science. But the main issue in the article is related to 21st century's parental ethics or the ambition to have a child. The infertile couples in America seek the option of egg donors (the woman who are not willing to give birth to the children themselves rather they (couples) are selling the eggs) in order to give birth to a child. And it is very pathetic for the new born also and questionable because the question arises that who he or she is. Simply the act of egg donation creates a problem of parental identity. The problem of "Where did I come from?" can sabotage the whole ethical system in society. Jessica has expressed these views in implied meanings in the article with power language expressions. The other problems associated with medical science dilemma are directly associated with financial and social issues. So a sense of pathos is there that in the presence of such a beneficial technology people are rather under the shadow of problems instead of getting a full benefit of the technology and they are mentally disturbed and this mental state is also the cause of distortion of the manners in a society. The ultimate terminology of egg donation is not legal and ethical and its fruits would also be bitter in near future. Cohen writes in a more beautiful way with some pun that how the people or couples are going to cash their race.

The standard compensation for donating an egg to Egg Donation is $3,500 to $5,000, and additional funds are offered to donors who have advanced degrees or are of Asian, African-American, or Jewish descent. Jessica is also criticizing the way in which the couples are looking for the egg donors in the adds which are advertised in "Yale Daily News" which is also too much pathetic and the readers outside America have to stare it as an odd and an unethical act either they belong to any culture, race, religion or society. Jessica writes the advertisement in a powerful way. Loving family seeks exceptional egg donor with 1500 SAT, great looks, good family health history, Jewish heritage and athletic. Height 5'4"-5'9", Age 18-29. We will pay EXTREMELY well and will take care of all expenses. Hope to hear from you.
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Jessica's criticism is evident about the behavior or attitude of American people that the manners of the people are not good or simply the American people are ill mannered and they have to use an awkward language tone like "Ho-Hum". In article same is the case with Michelle and David that they don't show the real courtesy and they are also not showing manners so their proposed genetic child in their custody would also suffer with different mental problems. The reasons of mental problems or disappointments for the child will be due to the manners of the Michelle and David which they are showing rather the child is enjoying each and every facility of the 21st century. At the end of the article the closing lines are very pathetic and piercing when the author writes about their proposed genetic child when he or she will ask who I am and the David's answer would be:

David will describe how hard they both worked on the whole thing, how many pictures they looked at, and how much money they spent. The child will turn to them and say, "Ho-hum." After I'd brooded about these matters, I received the shortest e-mail of the correspondence. The verdict on my pictures was in: "I showed the pictures to [my wife] this AM. Personally, I think you look great. She said ho-hum."

So the rudeness in the behavior of the adopted or proposed genetic child would also be evident that he or she would also talk parental tone. And here the phrase "Ho-Hum" is used in an efficient way to show the morality exchange and insult of David. The use of the language fits best in the article by Jessica because for a moment if don't consider the issue of egg donation and see David as a modern data entry operator who is busy in getting the personal information of females and even he is busy in making an album of the pictures of young college girls. So his manners are of less value than the moral aspect and his reply to one of egg donor is very astonishing in this regard:

David said he might reconsider, and that he was going to keep one of my pictures. That was it. No good-bye, no thanks for my willingness to be, in effect, the biological mother of their child. I guess I didn't fit their design; my genes weren't the right material for their chef d'oeuvre. So I was rejected as a donor. Writer is criticizing such an attitude of David in more professional way and the donor says if David would be successful in getting a genetic child then if the child would ask at some stage from him that: where he or she came from?

Then what would be the answer of David at the moment and his answer would be more abominable for him that he had utilized too much time in getting data or information and pictures of young college girls in order to give birth to you. David is the main character of the story and is a true representative of the whole American society. So David and society are suffering a lot due to the advances in the biological sciences and decline of David is decline of society.

The whole article is delineating the picture of the near future of American society that there would be a nation which would be in the dilemma of who I am. Actually Cohen has beautifully described the problems associated with egg donation and its ultimate effects on American society that how such science advances would be the cause of sabotage of the whole social set up. Jessica's article is a eye awakening artistic piece that it is essential to think about the havoc of such acts of medical science and there is the need to provide a remedy to such problems. Jessica has written this writing piece as a savior of mankind. She is delineating the matters which are against the nature and true picture of the decline of social set up.

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