The Princess and the Goblin is a quintessential piece of literature, which has several themes in different contexts of the plot. In this essay, I will expound on the first paragraph of the thirteen chapter of the text. This chapter covers the several incidences in which the guards who were left to watch over the princess by the king. The occurrence was quite frightening since the guards had not encountered the goblins there before.

The author describes monstrous creatures that scared the life out of the guards one by one. The goblins were thought to have been humans, but incredibly monstrous cold-hearted creatures. In fact, these creatures are quite fond of making mechanical devices to murder massive numbers of people. Still, the guards are ideally conservative that seeing is not believing. Truly, the guards only came to believe of the existence of the goblins after personal encounters with the goblins. The guards are quite an unbelieving lot who would make fun out of the guard on duty on reporting an account of what he had witnessed. However, it would be expected that a real life scenario would have a sense to believe the existence of the goblins after several identical witnesses account. Is it that the characters are a brave or skeptical about outrageous creatures? The knowledge that these creatures exist is not enough, the guards need to have faith to believe. This is a contradiction to their reaction after only a single guard was the only one in doubt and laughing at his companions.

The guards are victims of the circumstance given the history of eviction the goblins way back as described in the legend of this weird race. Indeed, the harsh laws of the land as well as ruthless taxes were an unfair doing, which drove the goblins to the ground below. The author described the creatures as dreadful on purpose to get the reader against them. In turn, we sympathize with the princess who is under the guards watch. The author employs a descriptive language to describe the creatures which the guards who encounter them. For instance, the creatures are portrayed as sub natural with exceedingly ugly faces and unlikely lengthy necks and legs never witnessed in other species.

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However, the theme of sympathy is quite emphasized since other instances of the text constitute of a description that intrigues the reader to perceive the creatures to be lenient despite their awkward appearance. It is obvious that the goblins are bitter of their eviction more so towards the descendants of the king, but still harbor affection not to be cruel towards their victims. The language used to describe how horrible the creatures are is no doubt bound to catch the reader’s attention. In essence, one is made to believe these are the most horrible creatures to have ever existed.

The images are somewhat blood cuddling. For instance, they are likened to a child’s scribbling on a piece of paper since they are termed as unlikely to be natural. The author describes such confusion among the guards on what the images they witnessed as images of goblins. The guards are ill guided since this is an off beam wisdom. It would have been clever for them to address the issue differently than taking the approach of accepting the knowledge of goblins existence one by one. In fact, the idea of believing is seeing becomes ascertained in this scenario. The guards lack wisdom. Being the security agents of the princess, they ought to have efficacy in their duty. It is unfortunate that they wait to see before they can believe the existence of the goblins.

The voices, and squeaks which the goblins are said to have made are quite blood cuddling because they were tremendously uncouth. The encounters of the guards with the goblins are hysterical to some degree. For instance, the second guard to witness the creatures is said to have stricken an arrow at the beast but failed to trace it although he searched the place where the beast had fled. Through the vivid description of the creatures, the reader is convinced to dislike the creatures and sympathize with the victims. This is a result of the sight of these creatures described as horribly terrific.

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