Another strategy that can be utilized in order to solve the clinical challenges is by creating or developing, adaptation and adoption new and old resources to bring about a culturally unique mechanism for change and growth this can be achieved through a comprehensive integration of different opposing cultures, this would intern bring about a supportive system providing a sense of tradition, moral guidance, and services, it also helps in building hope and social justice in a diversified cultural setting. (Walker, 2006).

This mechanism can be used as a central outlet to organize shared experiences into a new identity using a collective of distinct culturally patterned interactions, this would promote a sense of community, provide role models, it will also enhance  the creation of a tough effective coping strategies for the daily problems, and create a social network for relationships. This social network would then provide a conducive environment for interaction among both the African Americans hence reducing on the rate of racial prejudice, apart from that, it will also help to overcome the marginality of the existence of several opposing cultures which is the perceived problem encountered by both black and white and bridge the gap created in cognitive, affective, and behavioral responses within a dominant large system. This would bring psychic stability in an event of loss of cohesiveness.

Another means of dealing with the problem is by addressing the threat to survival by powerful, hostile others, in this case religion and religious expressions among African Americans is to be encouraged in order to eliminate the threat of expression and the injurious cognitive effects of discrimination and racism, through creation of an environment or situation in which “I”, “me”, “we”, and “us” exist dialectically and dialogically which would bring a self-concept that is culturally grounded in interdependence rather than independence.

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Another significant step that can be taken to address the challenges facing African American is by encouraging the black church in giving their blessing to counseling, this would inspire the black Americans to venture in the field of counseling that later saw an increase in the number of African Americans psychologist and other cognitive health specialists therefore blacks who may have been reluctant to share their problems with a white therapist would find a black therapist (Hollar, 2001). Self actualization. Another way of solving the clinical challenges that are facing the African Americans is through self –actualization as part of the political strategy in eliminating oppression this can be achieved by developing a self defined collective African American women’s stand point about black womanhood this stand point can be used by the black women to talk back concerning black women’s representation in popular culture and theory. As a result African American women’s ideas and experiences would achieve a visibility in learning institutions and even workplaces, this would see a black woman appear to have a respected voice for example, black women would be made attentive to the absorption of black women’s voices in social places   hence raising their dignity and seeing themselves as equal to their white counterparts.

In conclusion, the major clinical challenge that affects the African Americans is the routed mistrust of the white therapist by the black Americans that is brought about by stigmatization this has led to their problems not being solved since they don’t share their psychological problems with the white therapists. The theories discussed therefore critically unearth the method and strategies that can be put in place to bring about a solution to the problems and challenges.

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