Reflection of interest groups is a fundamental issue in the government initiative in U.S, it analyses on social aspects that regard on aspects of lobbying activities that assist the citizens to achieve their immerse social security status. This reflection outlines on weakness on existing state of social security that would greatly enhance societal empowerment and accountability in the domestic industry with help from interest groups.  Interest groups can be defined as organizations formed by goal oriented individuals whose common interest is to influence the different officials in the public household so as to ensure their interest are achieved and thus it benefits them in numerous ways and in this situation we can refer social security as the core aim for the various interest groups.

Social security can be analyzed as the basic human right and as fundamental means that assist in creation of social cohesion and thereby leading to social inclusion and peace. Social security is a key issue in the well-being of workers and citizens in general. It is rendered to be costly in achievement of social security but it is also a form of investment and a support venue for later progress. It covers on family benefits, income security and health care in case of contingencies of unemployment or sickness.

Social security systems should be based on gender equality principles that have measures equitable to women outcomes. Women should be granted social security benefits according to their legal rights and not to be dependants in the acquisitions of their fundamental social status. It is seen as being necessary to make actuarial projections and implementation of adjustments to ensure compliance of new reforms. From the above context, reforms are required to ensure social security system is in accordance with their needs, to ensure these, lobbying battles have evolved where by many U.S. citizens and corporate organizations are marshalling forces to enable sufficient future of social security. This is why different pressure groups have evolved through non-governmental organizations; these can be referred to as interest groups, who use methods such as campaigning and lobbying to articulate their grievances and regulate government policies. Interest groups such both outsider groups (involved in securing security through letter writing and demonstrations) and insider groups (involved civil servants' and ministers in formulation of policies) are referred to as trade unions.

In U.S congressional committees, iron triangles and bureaucratic agencies are part of core influences of congress of their political system, court jurisdictions are the major support systems for interest groups in U.S and they use them to secure their objectives. Developments at state level are well adhered to in U.S due to its form of a federal government. Democratic societies exercise a principle of freedom of association thus interest groups articulate grievances though provision of a channel for decision making and by putting to the table various concerns and attentions that need to be addressed by the government concerning social security measures and standards'. These social security systems include AARP and PAC.

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AARP is a sort of security systems which represent divergent individuals and assist in favors requests from government agencies. AARP lobbies for beneficial favors and things that are in high regard to senior citizens. In this context we will articulate in lobbying of social security, it achieves this through maintenance of the security in aspect of Medicare to elderly.

AARP stands for American association of retired persons, and it is a form of interest group that enables quality life for the aging generations through provisions of special products and services. It is a powerful motivator for lobbying activities and is an advocate of nonprofit Operations. This type of interest group is in interest of nonpartisan membership organization and was founded by Dr.ethel Percy Andrus.

AARP develops and maintains relationships on sponsorships and partnerships, its offers include span health products life services and leisure products; discounts to members on lodgings, rental cars, are also offered to encourage smooth thriving in the communities. Critical health of older Americans is well observed by AARP, and education services are availed to ensure independence and purposeful lives for the older generation who are in much need for the social care.

On public interest there is social security as they all seek to inform and make sure that citizens can acquire financial stability and freedom from health alterations. These come through national committee formed to ensure information is wide spread to all its members and changes of social security keenly observed to ensure that members can analyze situations that make it hard to survive. On public interest perspectives national committees encourages sending petitions for their grievances which in the long run influences legislation procedures and encouraging. Medicare are provided by national committee and it acts all this in a nonpartisan behavioral act through free provision of amenities in essence of charity organization.

Public interest groups also are considered to strengthen ties in senior most levels and ensure that sufficient information regarding social security is stipulated in the organizations; public interest groups increase awareness in the industries and ensure that governmental developmental goals are adhered to in control of social security questions.

In conclusion social security system are recognized  to be essential requirement  by individuals in all aspects of live hood in the community, thus why interest groups and public interest groups are continuously encouraged to ensure citizens safe stay and strong social relations between the government and its citizens.

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