The Coca-Cola Company Brand

John D. S, (2012). Beverage digest's "The Coke system”. Detailed Territory Information,Ownership and Contacts.

The publication gives a comprehensive and integrated look and feel at the Coca-Cola production in the US. It gives the territorial map, contact information and the crucial executives. It also explains the competitors of the firm. The publication shows the business owners and the Coca-Cola refreshments territories by their brands.

Elaine N (June 11, 2012). Business analysis of Coca-Cola company.

This article gives the various reasons and strategies that have been employed by the Coca-Cola beverage firm to maximize its profit. It points out the recycling of materials and its effort to curb green house emissions. It also gives a description of the status of the company financially and the steps it has taken to expand.

Watters, Pat. (1978) Coca-Cola an illustrated history. Garden City: Doubleday and Company. This book expounds on how the Coca-Cola Company has evolved over the years. It goes into aspects which occurred during specific time periods. It provides an explanation on how and why the company has kept its ingredients a secret. It also explains how the company wishes to hold the public eye with their adverts and how the Company did their advertisements.

Bullas, Jeff (2012, January 16). The Coca-Cola Company business analysis marketing strategy.

The resource has information concerning Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy, highlighting their undertakings. Coca-Cola’s mission statement is to refresh the world, motivate moments of optimism and contentment, create values and make a distinction. The brand acknowledged that it required to utilize both inventive brilliance, which is at the core of their advertising, and substance excellence, to be utilized on a societal scale in the course of different lessons. One states that they would like to create thoughts that cannot be restricted, branded as liquid content, via social media. The second one ensures that content is related to the brand, consumer interest, and the firms business objectives. The third one is to create discussions and permit delivery technologies to connect customers and give power to them. The forth one is concerned with vibrant storytelling, meaning being comprehensive in order to progress and multiply the story. The fifth one is to be audacious and inventive, allowing both low and high threat campaigns.

Gigi, D. Brand loyalty case study - Coca- Cola can change-up.

The article gives the way Coca–Cola celebrates its anniversaries and how it utilizes them to make changes to its cans. The article goes ahead and explains the strategies it employs to attract more consumers. One of such strategies is sharing of its resources and treasures, as well as being committed to social responsibilities.

Catherine. Coca-Cola and their marketing techniques.

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In the article, Catherine gives a brief history of the Coca-Cola company. The article goes ahead to explain the marketing strategies that have been employed by the company to maximize its sales. Some of the strategies explained in this paper include: advertising, carrying out campaigns and sponsorships. The article also gives a description of the market share of the company in the US and worldwide as well.


Carpenter, Lee. (2012).Best global brands - Coca-Cola. Interbrand Best Global Brands 2012.

The source evaluates the power of the Coca-Cola brand and its affect. The brand itself is highly recognizable, is always evolving, and promises fun, freedom, and refreshment. The company is able to keep the nostalgia of the brand while keeping the marketing new and different. The company utilizes promotions such as celebratory anniversary ads and the Olympics. Coca-Cola scored at over 90% of brand awareness in countries like the US and France. Still the brand proves to be agile, adapting to local markets and never ruining the legacy. It recently started implementation the digital marketplace, engages in ‘Coca-Cola Music’ and helps in matters of all kinds such as the polar bears or politics.

Linem, Kasi. (17 Mar. 2011). Marketing mixx." Marketing Mixx RSS.

This source highlights the logistics of the Coca-Cola marketing policy. The intended market is not restricted to age, region, or sexual characteristics. The brand wishes to be present internationally and currently has over 500 brands in 200 countries. Coca-Cola wishes to attain aims such as utmost utilization of their product, highest outlets, brand connection, and spend in doing research, assist in protection and health of clients. Key tactics include accessibility, affordability, and satisfactoriness, sporadic evaluation of strategies and product reaction, engaging in affiliations. The marketing mix of Coca-Cola includes the product, price, placement, promotion, competitors, and changing tactics. Some strengths include its brand name that is highly trusted and its availability all over the world. Its largest weakness is that the brand deals only in drinks and could expand into snacks or other items.

Hayes, L. (May 3, 2011). Effectively incorporating social media: A case study on Coca-Cola. in America university, Washington, DC.

The paper investigates the social media marketing, its roles and paramount practices. By exploring uses and satisfaction theory and the “upsurge,” the paper examines how to effectively use social media. The case studies of drinks giant Coca-Cola is observed and analyzed.

Allen, F. (1994). Secret formula: How brilliant marketing and relentless salesmanship made Coca-Cola the best-known product in the world. New York.

Allen gives a historical outline of Coca-Cola promotion campaigns from their inauguration in the early 1990s. His paperback includes detailed accounts of Coca-Cola’s political strategy within the U.S. and abroad, given that insight into how Coca-Cola has managed probable crises.

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