In order for an organization to remain productive, its workers should be properly motivated.  This is because lack of motivation will affect the morale of the workers, and this can lower their enthusiasm at work. Extensive research on motivation has revealed that people expect to achieve more from working than financial benefits. Many managers believe that money is enough to satisfy workers. However, workers require personal attention and time from those people who supervise them. Therefore, other types of motivation need to be introduced to make the workers more comfortable at work Workers should be involved in designing the types of motivation to be offered to them.

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This implies that the workers needs should be implemented. If this is a done, an organization can gain a remarkable business success. In this case, before a motivation plan is implemented, an employer should find out if the workers support it. This is because the motivation needs of workers are not static, and they vary from one occupation to another. Managers are always seen as the major culprits for the loss of motivation among workers. Nonetheless, some workers may also de-motivate their colleagues. According to goal theory, workers work hard to meet performance goals, which they think can produce positive outcomes. This implies that work motivation becomes more effective when the workers themselves recognize the importance of their duties.

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