Serous sex offenders are criminals who force people into sex. Such criminals can be found in every society. Male sex offenders are also referred to as rapists. There are many reasons as to why sex offenders conduct this unethical and immoral behavior. Firstly, they do it as a result of mental and psychological disorder. People who are mentally handicapped or have a mental disorder which has not been diagnosed are likely to rape. Secondly, sex offenders act as a result of drug abuse. Others do it in order to revenge. Whichever the reason attached to the offense, sex offenders are wrong and should be judged and punished appropriately. Both males and females of all ages have been victims of sexual offenses.  In terms of judgment, there is an issue of whether serious sex offenders should be castrated or not. Every rational human being agrees that serious sex offenders should be punished, but castration as a solution to this social crime remains debatable (Morganfield, 1995).

Sexual Harassment Essay Sample

On one side, castration is the best solution which can decrease the number of sex offenders in the society. This is because the crime is heinous and should therefore be punished with an adequate punishment such as castration. Sexual harassment is the most painful offense committed to a person. The reason for this is that it does not only affect the individual for a short time, but cause a life-time trauma. Rape reduces the victim’s self–esteem to a considerable degree. Thus, the victim is traumatized for the rest of her life. The act humiliates the individual to an extent that life cannot be the same again for this person. Additionally, the victim’s emotional, physical and mental health is affected. Serious sex offenders have no sound reason for committing the crime. Sometimes they claim that they were seduced by the dressing mode, walking style of a victim. However, this breaks the laws of logic, since they even offend babies who are still under breast feeding. This proves that, their actions are not driven by seduction or love as they sometimes claim. This is why castration can serve as a good punishment to such illogical claims (McGrath, 1995).

Sexual harassment is the only offense which affects all sectors of human health. To some extent, the victim cannot even enjoy her marriage as she has a negative attitude towards men. This makes her live uncomfortably and never to enjoy her conjugal rights. In addition, it is possible to be infected with a sexually transmitted disease during rape. The victim can also contract HIV and live with the virus the rest of her life. Rape also causes unwanted pregnancies. The act is too humiliating and makes the victim uncomfortable to report to the doctor. If impregnated, she gives birth to a child who is unacceptable in the society neither by the mother nor by the entire society. Sex offenders force victims to do all they want to justify their selfish sexual desires. There is physical struggle as the victim tries to free herself from the hands of the malicious person (McGrath, 1995).This fight leaves the victim with physical injuries and scars which might be permanent. In extreme cases, rape victims, especially children, die as a result of excess bleeding, trauma or physical injury. Serious sex offenders also murder victims in case they fear being reported. Considering all these unlimited consequences of rape, one is justifiable to agree that serious sex offenders should be castrated.

Castrating serious sex offenders can serves in terms of a lesson to others who would think of  committing this awful crime. The last thing a man could imagine hearing is having his genitals cut as a result of harassing someone sexually. In this case, those with ideas of raping will look for a better solution to their sexual desires. It will act as a threat;  anyone who attempts to commit this crime should face the cruel knife. In most cases, criminals who are reported of having offended others sexually are taken to court, judged and jailed. They serve their imprisonment and come back to the society. Unfortunately, the first step they take is looking for the victims who reported them and repeat the same offense as a way of punishment. Imprisonment hardly changes sex offenders. They remain dangerous to the society irrespective of the time they spend in jail. Therefore, castration can be the only action which will remind them that raping is wrong and unacceptable. They will carry the scar and the pin for the rest of their lives, even when they sleep, take a bath, dress or socialize with friends of the opposite sex. Additionally, castration will definitely make them sexually inactive. It will be hard for them to be aroused (McGrath, 1995).

On the other hand, castrating serious sex offenders is morally wrong. This punishment is unethical because it deprives the offender of his right to have all his body parts. It is unacceptable and unfair to mutilate offenders. In fact, justice cannot be achieved through mutilation. In case a man is unable to control his sexual desires, he should be locked up instead of castrating him. They are human beings and should be respected regardless of the crime they committed. Additionally, it is not only men who are sexual offenders. Females have also been reported to harass boys, men and men living with disabilities. These offenders cannot be castrated. Thus the notion arises that castrating serious offenders is one sided, meanwhile, it is wrong to generalize that serious sex offenders are only men. Furthermore, there is a possibility of castrating innocent people. Therefore, castration can be an outrageous punishment for a man who was accused falsely of committing such a crime. Since there is injustice in this world, an individual may accuse a person falsely just to see the man castrated. The evidence provided in sex offenses is mostly unjustifiable. Moreover, a person may be confused with the offender and face such a terrible punishment (Morganfield, 1995).

Castration does not stop serious sex offenders from repeating the crime. The reason is that  they mostly commit the crime because of their psychological and mental disorders. Meanwhile, castrating only affects the physical body which has little to do in sexual action. A castrated man is more likely to be extremely violent than a normal man. The castrated individual has internal bitterness and wants to prove that he can still commit the crime. This can make the offender do dreadful actions to a victim. Additionally, sex offenses should be investigated first. The offenders should be helped to get out of this deviance behavior. This is usually a psychological or mental problem which cannot be treated using castration. The offenders should be taken to psychiatric, psychologists and doctors who will examine their mental, psychological and emotional health. Castrating them will only increase the problem they suffer from and make them substantially more violent (Morganfield, 1995).

Case Study

A study was conducted in the state of Vermont, regarding whether chemical and physical castration of sex offender would work in that state. The researchers conducted a survey in various traditional clans which used this method. In the three tribes, a man who was found guilty of sexual offense was castrated in public. This has been the trend from times immemorial. However, as the civilization evolved, this practice was gradually diminishing. The government was also against this tradition. However, this did not completely hinder the tribes from continuing with what they beloved; sexual harassment was still prevailing in the society, though they did it secretly.

Every person who was found or suspected to have done that was castrated at night. However, the research revealed that twenty five percent of the offenders who were castrated remained in the society and did not commit the offense anymore in life. Seven percent of the castrated looked for the victims and punished them severely. They used their hands and other objects to sexually offend the victims for reporting them. Two percent committed suicide as they could not face the world without their genitals. Three percent apologized to the victims, family members and the society at large. They also promised never to commit such a crime and gave reasons as to why they did it. These victims claimed they were under the influence of evil spirits or drugs. The largest percentage moved away from that society and had never been seen again (McGrath, 1995).

Vermont case study reveals that castrating serious sex offenders can help solve this social evil to a reasonable rate as twenty five percent remained in the society and did not repeat the crime again. This shows that castrating makes the offenders reflect on their behavior and, consequently, change. The largest percentage in the case study disappeared from the community and did not come back again. This is because they were ashamed of living with people who knew they lacked their manhood. Thus, castrating makes the offenders humiliated, and they choose to run away from the society; consequently, they no longer constitute threats to the members of society. However, it is also significant to consider the seven percent who are willing to pay back to the victims. These seven percent should not be negligible. In this case, it is crucial to guarantee security for the victim. It is worse to have the same victim harassed again by the same offender (McGrath, 1995).


In conclusion, serious sex offenders should be castrated as they kill the dignity of the individual and make her suffer for the rest of her life. Castration is the only punishment which can justify the pain inflicted on the victim by the offender. It makes a serious sex offender suffer humiliation and pain just as the victim suffers. Additionally, it acts as a warning for other potential criminals who might think of committing such crimes. Sexual harassment is too painful and affects the victim throughout the lifetime. It causes not only physical injuries, but also psychic scars and even death in some cases. Therefore, serious sexual offenders deserve a barbaric punishment since  their crime is neither humane. However, there is a need for careful investigations before passing such judgment to an individual. Sometimes, an individual may be accused falsely or can represent a case of mistaken identity. Additionally, it is significant to investigate the reason why the individual committed the crime. If the person is mentally ill or there is another  reason of committing the offense, then an alternative should be opted. An eye for an eye, and therefore, serious sex offense for castration!

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