The debate on whether the propositional representation theory or the spatial representation theory best describes how images are formed is still ongoing. The issues underlying the debate prevail on whether imagery is solely propositional or both visual and propositional. Pylyshyn was on the precise track when he elucidated that the period taken, or the complexities in the functions, were linked to the image’s visual factors. Different instructions lead to alterations in the outcomes. However, this explanation complicated his findings. The right explanation is given by Kossylyn findings.

Arguments prevail that by using prepositions, an object’s description can take place. Kossylyn was more specific. There is a relationship between imagery and visual perception. In other words, imagery is not an accessory on perception, but rather an important part of it. In a simplified manner, one can only identify something through a prior experience of it or something closely related to it. This is why people describe mammoths by relating them to elephants. Although this might be identified as a template, it is not. It is only brought forth in order to fill up on the missing information. It is significant to understand that perception is acquired through the sensory unit, and it is not limited to the sense of sight. This means that propositions and imagery have equal responsibilities in the formation of imagery.

Another problem entails the introspective nature of imagery access as found in the theories. The prominence of performance is more evident. In his researches, Kossylyn identified that there was reliance between spatial distance and the reaction of time. He explained that diverse numbers of nodes initiated until the process reached the targeted node. This caused the time increase. This was the tacit knowledge explanation. However, Kossylyn’s model received a stronger foundation when the researchers identified that there was no way in identifying the exact position of a node if a narrow pointed the node’s original position after it was removed. There was no assurance that the arrow was pointing at exactly the same position hence the need for a spatial representation in order to restore the distance. In this manner, Kossylyn best explains that performance is as present as introspection.

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Through the arguments, the most prominent issue is that imagery must come forth with a homunculus to be convincing. The initiation of computer models arises when discussing this problem. However, the cycle still goes back to the making of computer by a human being. The debate in perceptions lies on imagery in as far as animals and humans are concerned. Although the inclusion of computer models may solve this problem, the prior problems are still debatable. The systems would have to be designed by humans in order to resolve this dispute, so the humans are still dominant even in such a scenario.

The Kossylyn’s works seem to explain the works of Pylyshyn further, while they fill in the loopholes in Pylyshyn’s works. Although there are disputable concepts in Kossylyn’s works, it is more comprehendible when he explains that perception and imagery are part of each other and not substitutes of, or accessories of each other. It is through prior knowledge of objects that imagery takes place. Additionally, since perception is not limited to the sense of sight, other senses are able to initiate imagery even with the absence of one or two senses. Introspection is important in imagery. However, performance is as important as Kossylyn explains their relationship. It is through performing the act that one is able to search within the relationship between the perceived and prior experiences before the other processes take place.

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