The widely known Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is an art museum located in Los Angeles, California. This exhibition is the largest comprehensive museum in the western United States that attracts nearly one million visitors annually. It has holdings that have spanned the history of arts from ancient times to present time. LACMA bases roots from Los Angeles Museum of History, science and art established in ExpositionPark in 1910.


The exhibition set up as a separate art-focused institution; international stature and significant part of southern California. LACMA has seven building complex located in Los Angeles of twenty acres, halfway between the ocean and downtown. The art collections comprise geographic society and the whole history of art. It has strengths on holdings of Asian art which line in part, in the Bruce Goff-designed Pavilion of Japanese Art. The exhibition of artifacts from the tomb of Tutankhamun was the best-attended show ever that drew 1.2 million people over four months basing much attention on Smoke sculpture.

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Tony Smith's monumental sculpture Smoke constructed on 1967 then fabricated on 2005. Smoke developed from a solid object moved around on mid-1960s, to something movable within on 2005. It is a remarkable multifaceted figure that redesigned to showcase the space. It is the only large –scale piece conceived for an interior space of dimensions of 45 feet long and 33 feet wide painted aluminum. The Smith’s sculpture explores the lasting interest in nature patterns he portrayed before his death on 1980. Smoke comprises of 45 extended octahedrons that resemble crystals, and hexagonal formations found in the upper part.

As LACMA teaches the world through conservation, collection, exhibition, and meaning of significant art works from limited variety of cultures and historical period to meaningful education, beauty, and culture in a wide range of audience, the current version of smoke erected at LACMA in 2008, still functions like passion for the museum.

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