With regard to your request, I have chosen six pieces of art that will occupy the spaces in the corporate offices. Three of these pieces of art are from the impressionist era while the other three are from the post impressionist era. I will cover the different aspects of the images one after the other. I will also explain how the images are ideal for the company. They help to bring out the image of the company that.

The first three pieces of art that I chose were from the impressionist era. The first one called “Boulevard Des Capucines”. The perspective of this art was looking out for the impressionist exhibition. The painter of this piece of art was Claude Monet, who did it in 1873. This is one of the four Paris Grands Boulevards. The piece shows buildings and beautiful trees, as well as harmonized people moving forward. This piece of art is most significant for the company. It is seminal since there is sunrise. This suggests impressionism (Pierre, 2010). It shows that there is teamwork in the organization. It also portrays an image of elegance and arrangement in the company. This painting is an ideal representation of French history. Therefore, this is a choice of an art that could be placed at the front desk for everybody to see.

The second piece is also impressionist. The determination of these impressionist arts is based on the fact that it was a group of Paris-based artists who had independent exhibitions, which brought them into prominence. This second image is “Charlottenlund”, the art work of Peder Mork Mosted. It shows sunshine and a natural brightness, beautiful trees covered with snow. The trees have different colors on the leaves. It shows a lot of details painted by Peder. This painting would create a feeling of elegance in the company. It portrays an image of a classy company that is likely to provide quality products and services. The clients would feel in the premises like they are in a comfortable environment. Therefore, it can be pinned to a wall in the hallways of the company.

The third impressionist image of choice is “Winter landscape” by Preston William. It was painted in the early nineteenth century when the impressionists had formed groups. They painted these images despite the opposition that they were receiving from the other painters. This painting is of the peak of the winter period. The color of the trees leaves cannot be seen, because they are entirely covered with snow. The sunshine is at the background of the picture. It has the impression of daytime. This piece of art portrays a positive image of the company, as it shows the focus in the company. The winter conditions represent the hard times. On top of that, the sunshine at the background represents the focus of the management despite the tough economic times that may occur. Its historical value lies in the time it was painted. It reminds of the original artworks of impressionists in the early nineteenth century.

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The other three images are postimpressionist. They were painted after the impressionist images. These paintings were done in the late nineteenth century. The painters were mainly influenced by the works of the impressionists. The first art piece of choice was “Dining room in the country” by Pierre Bonnard. This image shows a small part of a homestead. It shows a table with some food on it. The background shows a man peeping into the house to get a glimpse of the food. The table, the chair and other furniture show traditions. Hence, the painting has the historical value. Moreover, it expresses the image of an attractive company. The person peeping represents customers who cannot resist the quality of the company’s products.

The second postimpressionist image of choice is “Orchard with blossoming apricot trees” by Vincent Van Gogh. It shows some orchard trees that are in line. They are beautiful for sight. They also seem healthy, showing that the orchard has been well tended. At the bottom of the orchard trees, the grass and other growths are extremely green. Thus, this image can show that the products of the company meet the highest standards. Like the orchard trees, they are at their best form. Therefore, this can attract numerous customers to the company and increase its profitability. This image should be pinned at the main entrance to the company. It has the potential to attract customers.

The last postimpressionist image of choice was “Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte” by Georges-Pierre Seurat (Schmid, 2004). This image shows women wearing traditional robes while men are wearing hats on the island. The sun is shining, and most of the women have umbrellas. Absolute harmony is between the people. They all seem to be at peace with each other. Consequently, this can be an ideal image to prove and show that the workers in the company have accomplished companionship and enjoy working together. Therefore, it should be pinned on the walls of the actual workplace. This enhances the image of the workers, as well as the Management responsible for the coordination. I sincerely hope that my choice of the pieces is ideal for the company.

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