There has and probably will be no greater art artists like Tintoretto and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. These two personalities might have had the same style but they were totally different artists and here are some interview questions and answers about their art and source of inspiration.
After being orphaned at age 11, I had to feed for myself and one way to do this was through the work of art. When I was introduced to Cardinal Francesco del Monte, he commissioned me to paint for San Luigi del Francesi church. The painting was opposed by the public because the pieces of art were realistic and dramatic a fact many artists shied away from. This inspired me to lean more on religious themed artwork.
I was always at longer heads with religious leaders and kept hiding for years until I was pardoned by the Pope. The criticism which I was confronted with made my work of art become very popular among the Romans. Later I moved to Malta were I received a celebrated artist status and that is how I started my religious art themes painting.  I realized that there is too much in the religious realm as compared to modern art.
I must say the two most influential people who made me achieve my painting goals are the Cardinal Francesco del Monte who gave me the first religious art painting project. The other was the Pope who did not only pardon me for painting religious themes but having had killed a tennis game fan after a disputed match outcome. When the Cardinal commissioned me to do his project, he showed to the world that religious pieces can be used to foster peace among believers which was also amplified by the pope when he pardoned me.
To me, Titian was more of an inspiration than a competitor. Titian was my mentor and master but I had a mutual dislike for him and always strived to outdo him which contributed to my success as an artist.
Titians’ work usually inspired and influenced me as it worked as a stimulus to respond to his accomplishments leading to aesthetic growth rather than degradation.  More and more commissions from private sources, institutions, churches and foreign clients started to trust my work of art which they argued had some sense of humor hence my success.
I believe in any piece of work there are two sides. I depicted the crucifixion of Jesus Christ has having no pain or scars for two major reasons; one, to Christian he came to set them free from bondage and that is why I did not want to include the pain and scar emotion.  As the savior, people look at you as a source of inspiration and one to deliver all nations from suffering.
Lack of pain to me is the fact that all have been set free and scars are memories of Christians suffering. To end this perception among Christian believers, I tried not to include scars as a sign of new life and deliverance.
Secondly, I deliberately omitted pain and scars in my crucifixion painting to depict forgiveness; the past has been replaced by the present where the future stems from. Jesus came to end peoples suffering, the pain; and erase the past which is the scar.
The interpretation of the scriptures seems to depict Jesus Christ’s crucifixion as full of pain, sorrow and strife because they negate the reason he come to earth. From the day Jesus was born, he went through suffering and his death on the cross ended all this pain and that is why my painting does not have the pain and scars. My fellow artist’s illustration of pain, strife and pain show that he did not come to take away Christian sins but to confirm them.
I believe we artists are judged wrongly by our fanatics but I respect Leonardo da Vinci’s pieces of art. These are timeless treasures that have endured the test of the time. It is through the painters of my time that modern art thrives and continues to inspire more artists and is said to be the same style different artists, despite commercialization of art work resulting to poor pieces of art.
According to me, artists thrive on inspiration with diverse imaginative concepts and perceptions. My opinion might be criticized by my critics and this becomes the basis of inspiration, innovation and better depiction of how I see the world through my artistic pen.

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