The book Anna Karenina is one of the remarkable stories written with a reflection of both tragic and fascinating events. The book written by Leo Tolstoy illustrates a love affair between Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky. The story  primarily bases on the destiny of a woman that gives her best for love but ends up in a tragic death. It is a story about unfaithfulness and love, which are determining factors in marriage. It has since been highlighted as the best production in the history of writing.

It is a classic story that captures a person’s interest. The book Anna Karenina is a reflection of events that happen in everyday life. Love and betrayal are the frequent causes of disappointment that rip relationships apart. Additionally, the book uses familiar surroundings that are easy for one to relate to the present life. For instance, Anna Karenina illustrates the story of love and betrayal using a marriage matter. The events used in the book are also relevant and applicable to everyone’s life.

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There are various themes highlighted in the novel. Amongst the most applicable themes are jealousy, family, marriage, society, hypocrisy, and desire. These trends in daily life affect people and influence their lifestyles. The experiences in the book present a source of knowledge on how to overcome challenges that people encounter in pursuit of contentment and happiness. It is a book that teaches a person how to handle certain instances and avoid break ups. Reading this book becomes an eye opening moment for the reader. Depiction and analysis of the essential theme, such as a family, is a major lesson that influences the bonding of a family. Hence, it is a book that is beneficial to every reader.  

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