Reading the Sacred Quest substantiates the fact that religion plays an important part of human existence even with the current level of technological advancements. The common denominator in all religions is of the belief that human beings have a purpose in this world that should be guided by knowledge and regard of some Supreme Being or beings. The general realization is the fact that the need for human beings to understand their purpose on earth and to explain some natural occurrences can only be answered within religion.

The book brings out some important aspects concerning religion and man's continuous quest for answers. Before reading the book it was particularly difficult to understand why man still has proclivity for religion even in this age where major emphasis is on evidence based and experiment backed science. However, the realization of the emptiness felt by man and the need to seek for escape from his limitations has made it easy to understand the role played by religion in man's existence. Philosophers have even argued that the people who mostly refer to themselves as atheists are not atheists in real sense, but believe in things so subtle that it escapes their very own realization. Particularly important scholar in the book is St. Thomas Aquinas.

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Aquinas was the first theological philosopher who incorporated pagan ideas developed by Aristotle to explain the duality of man and the reason why the soul is the essence that connects man to God. Aquinas reconciled for the first time in history of man philosophy and theology. The book has brought new concepts concerning religion that enlightens and sharpens one's understanding of a very important aspect of human existence. Although superficially most religions seem to oppose or even contradict one another, they are all geared towards providing comfort and explaining the unexplainable aspects in the society.

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