Book Review Example

I. Aslan = Jesus Christ

In this allegory, Aslan symbolizes Jesus Christ. The death of Aslan in order to save Edmund’s life and later resurrecting is clearly connected to the life of Jesus Christ. However, the author has made some critical changes to the figure of Jesus Christ, making Aslan more approachable to children than what children learn about Christ in church. Hammond states: “Aslan (which is the Turkish word for “Lion”) portrays Christ “The Lion of the tribe of Judah” Revelation 5:5. Aslan sacrifices himself to save Edmund. “But God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8” (Hammond, 2000, p. 1).

Shifting from a man to a lion was very significant because the lion figure allowed children to express their emotions to the lion easily. Christ as a human was both confusing and compelling and in particular to the children. Christ was very familiar with small children and this helped to blur the boundary between a friend who deserved affection and a god who deserved reverence (Wolf, 2008). Lion is normally depicted as the king of jungle making it intimidating and fearful. A lion as a big cat is symbolized by the way Aslan is playing and romping joyfully with the children. The author has adapted the figure of Jesus Christ for the children still upholding all the vital characteristics of Jesus Christ.

II. Queen Jadis, the White Witch = Lucifer

The White Witch in this allegory represents the Lucifer. She is self-proclaimed queen of the land. The way White Witch is acting in Narnia is exactly the same way Lucifer actions have always been portrayed by Christian teachings. Through her magically imposed rule she tyrannizes Narnia. This is the same way Lucifer has been depicted to tyrannize the earth we are living in. Her actions in Narnia have made the place to be “always winter but never Christmas” for a period of hundred years. Whenever proved she would turn creatures into stone by her wand. She was in fear of the prophecy fulfillment that sons of Adam and daughters of Eve will occupy Narnia and assist Aslan to overthrow her. She represents the power of evil in the world.

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III. Peter = The Apostle Peter

Peter in this allegory represents Apostle Peter. All of his actions are comparable to the actions of Apostle Peter. The same way Apostle peter was not believing stories about Jesus until he saw it himself is the same way peter is depicted as disbelieving Lucy’s stories concerning Narnia, but he changed his mind when he saw it for himself. Apostle peter was a committed Christian who even performed miracles. Peter in this allegory is also a committed Christian who became a hero after overthrowing the White Witch. The same way Apostle Peter was crowned the Rock by Jesus Christ was crowned the King of Narnia. He became the High king of Narnia, the same way Peter became the first leader of Christian church when Jesus ascended.

IV. Susan = Mary

Susan in this allegory can be said to represent Mary. One of the events which depict the similarity to Mary is where Susan and Lucy walked with Aslan to a Quiet place during the night of his execution and Aslan appeared first to them in a glorified body after his resurrection (Adamson, 2005). The quiet place can be said to be Gethsemane.

V. Edmund = Man

Edmund in the allegory represents all mankind. He is tempted by Queen Jadis through her Turkish delights and power promises. He represents the man who has betrayed Jesus since they were born and who Jesus died for their sins on the cross. Man has been led away by the things of this world making him selfish as well as falling away from Christian values (Young, 2012). Because of his betrayal, he can also be compared to Adam in the Garden of Eden and Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus.


This allegory is explaining about the Christianity religion. All the characters used in the novel are comparable to characters of the Bible. The novel is very useful because it assist children to understand Christian values in an interesting and easier way.

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