The book "The Sex Slave Murders" by R.Barri and published by Barri covers actual murder crimes committed by a couple. The author gives an account of the serial murders committed by Gerald Albert Gallego and Charlene Gallego. The story is the first in the American history, which the couple executed their fantasy of making “disposable love slaves.” Overall, the couple claimed elevens lives by the time they were arrested and charged for their crimes (Mohd et al).

The grisly murder crimes committed by the couple were mainly due to their sexual needs. Before Gerald meet Charlene, he had been involved in multiple failed marriages. On her case, Charlene had been involved in two failed marriages as well. In fact, Gerald was the kind of a person who sexual life would not be complete without making love to two women at the same time. On the other hand, Charlene was a bisexual. Consequently, the couple settled for love slaves after several quarrels amongst themselves in order to meet their sexual needs as a couple. In fact, Gerald Gallego is quoted to having asserted, “We had this sexual fantasy, and so we carried out” (

The first assault by couple happened on November 11, 1978. The couple abducted a Rhoda Scheffler a 17year old and Kippi Vaught a 16 year who was on an errand to a nearby shopping centre. Gerald molested both of them, and forced them to perform cunnilingus on Charlene. Charlene concerned the victims before they struck them with iron, and firing a single bullet on the skull at both of them. The bodies of the victims were later discovered disposed at Baxter three days later after the incidence. The couple felt triumphant and celebrated their sex by taking marriage vows, which were witnessed b Charlene’s parents.

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In 1979 on June 24, the couple victimized two more teenagers. In this case, the victims were  Brenda Jude a 14year old and a 13 year old Sandra Colley. They forced them into their van from Reno Washoe county fairgrounds. Charlene become furious towards Gerald for starting the rape alone, and turned sharply off the road and seized a gun intending to kill him. They exchanged shots, and Gerald sustained a bullet graze on his arm before asking Charlene for ceasefire. He complained of injuries on his genitals due to the sudden breaking of the van. Gerald handed the victims to Charlene who molested them, while he played the role of eliminating them with gunfire.

On November 22, 1980 the couple attacked two Sacramento University Students who were at a fraternity party. The two students, Mary Beth Sower and Craig Miller were both 22year old and lover as well. This incidence was witnessed by Miller’s friend while his fraternity brothers did an excellent attempt, and memorized the van’s registration plate details. The witness reported to the police when the issue became known and Craig was found dead at Bass Lake the following day. On the other hand, Sower’s body was found dead several days later at Bounty Ditch. Her bodied was identified with three gunshots dumped in a ditch. These a just three among the eleven assaults committed by the couple.

During Apprehension, the investigations found traces of the couple’s van, but the couple skipped the town. However, the police managed to get them after Charlene contacted her parents by phone. The investigation applied forensic science to study the bullets removed from Craig’s body. Coincidentally, matched those found at Gerald’s worked place where he had fired into the ceiling of the bar. In reference to the case of Brenda Judd and Sandra Colley there was little evidence since the bodies had not been discovered (Larry 98). The investigation used evidence from Twiggs case in which the victims had been tied with ropes thus matched it with the rope in Gallego’s Van. The fingerprints observed from both ropes were similar. As for Brenda and Sandra, the investigation had to use DNA test for the skeletal remains discovered at California in Lassen County (Wilson 124).

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